Dessert: Lula’s Sweet Apothecary

September 21, 2010 By: Serena


I admit, when an eating buddy suggested a vegan, non-dairy dessert place, I cringed a bit.  I consider myself pretty adventurous when it comes to food, but ice cream is supposed to be full of dairy fat, eggs, and other decidedly non-vegan elements.  Still, I was intrigued, so I gave Lula’s Sweet Apothecary a try.

The first thing I noticed was the myriad of options, both in terms of flavors:

and formats:


Eating buddy and I shared a classic sundae with crushed chocolate cream cookies (like Oreos, but vegan I guess?) and hot fudge.  For flavors, we chose coffee and drumstick. True to its name, Lula’s toppings were stored in old apothecary draws and containers – super cute!  Our sundae is being created here:

Okay, so it looked like your average sundae, but how did it taste?  Using my nifty flat spoon, I dug in:

…and it tasted pretty good!  Now I definitely won’t mistake it for the “real” thing – the whipped topping was made of coconut, and I could definitely taste that.  And the “ice cream” (I actually don’t know what it’s called, I didn’t see any mention of names.  Frozen dessert, perhaps?) didn’t really melt as quickly as one would expect.  If you’re looking for an exact replacement for your traditional ice cream sundae, this won’t be it.  However, on an absolute basis, Lula’s sundae was pretty tasty and worth a try.  If you’re looking for a vegan dessert option in the city, give Lula’s a chance.

A vegan friendly dessert option in the East Village.

Lula’s Sweet Apothecary
516 East 6th St. (between Avenues A & B)

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10 Comments to “Dessert: Lula’s Sweet Apothecary”

  1. Interesting! It certainly looks good.
    I wonder how they make their products.

    Can I ask an odd question? What was the texture like?

  2. BigAppleNosh says:

    The texture was pretty similar, except I thought it was a little denser and it didn't melt as quickly as I'd expect. Very creamy and rich though 🙂

  3. lavenderpug says:

    it looks amazing, but i'm definitely suspicious. still, i love all the options and flavors!

  4. This sounds really interesting, and they look really pretty!

  5. honey my heart says:

    mmm. so much deliciousness. i like how many options they give you in creating a sundae.

  6. Your sundae certainly looked good! I've never tried vegan-anything, although I know there are a lot of vegan places in the Bay Area.


    It's the witching hour where my sweet craving comes out full force. I might just head on over now! 🙂

  8. what's the deal with the sundae dish only beng half-full?!

  9. BigAppleNosh says:

    @Anonymous – I didn't notice till you pointed it out!

  10. megan marie says:

    When I was in NYC recently my husband and I went to Lula's like.. 5 times? In less than a week?? As a vegan, I don't even remember what "real" ice cream tastes like, so this was perfection. Except for the price, which was a bit on the expensive side to me.


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