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February 24, 2011 By: Serena


Super cool.  But wait, there’s more – this is a *fortune* cat.  Yes, that’s right, like its cookie counterpart, there’s a fortune hidden inside this feline confection.  How did I happen upon this lil’ guy?  Allow me to back up just a bit…

I was on my way to sample one of my faaavorite Singaporean dishes (laksa, of course) when I passed by this cute row of stores:

The turquoise-hued storefront caught eye, partially due to the color (but really because of the promises of chocolate inside. Let’s be real here).  I was curious to discover – were the chocolate shops in Singapore vastly difference than my NYC faves?  In the name of “journalism” I decided to check it out.

A few products in particular caught my eye, such as this chocolate puzzle.   Chinese (or lunar) New Year is taken very seriously in Singapore, and since it’s the year of the rabbit, there were rabbit themed products everywhere!  I could see “missing” pieces being a very real problem for me if I purchased this puzzle….

I was also intrigued by the creative product names – hmmm, should I get the Penguins on Parade bar or the Ali Baba on Aladdin’s Magic Carpet with Puff the Magic Dragon snack? (I’m leaning towards the Penguins)

There was also a really scrumptious-sounding assortment of flavored chocolates:

as well as mouthwatering-looking baked goods:

Look at the little caterpillars!

And my absolute fave….the CHOCO fortunate cats!!

You can see I had the “fortune” cats as well as the “misfortune” variety (which were more like joke fortunes rather than actual misfortune, so not to worry!).  These cats are modeled after the Lucky Cat that is so popular in East Asian cultures.  Plus, my own cat raises her paw all the time, so I’m especially partial, ha!

I had a chance to sit down with owners Joshua and Sandora – they were super friendly, enthusiastic, and really knew their chocolate.  When they offered to walk me through a chocolate tasting, OF COURSE I had to oblige. 😉

The chocolate was superb, and I wanted to try some of the other products.  In the end, I decided on the  fortune cat (didn’t see that one coming, did you), and some macarons (another NoshGirl fave):

These definitely tasted as good as they looked!

I’m so glad I made a detour into Pave Chocolates.  The store offers beautiful, innovative chocolate and dessert products in a quaint, inviting atmosphere.  The high quality of the products is evident in each bite and worth every penny.  If you’re ever in Singapore, definitely check them out!

Joshua and Sandora – thanks for the tasting!

Pavé Chocolates
93 East Coast Road, Singapore
Check out the Pavé Chocolates Facebook Page!
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13 Comments to “Singapore Food Find: Pavé Chocolates – CLOSED”

  1. You had to, in the name of journalism! Great investigative reporting, to, I do say! 🙂

    Now I really want chocolate for lunch, btw.

  2. Oh! Chocolate heaven!!! I will have one of each please 😉 Those fortune cats 😉 cute and yummy all in one package 😉 Singapore looks beautiful!

  3. lavenderpug says:

    i love that puzzle! the store looks like so much fun. what was your fortune?

  4. Kelley at My Island Wedding says:

    too pretty to eat!!!
    loving your blog and can't wait to follow and read some more of it!

  5. Ali @ His Birdie's Nest says:

    What a cute store! Thank you for going, journalism thanks you for going 🙂
    What was your fortune?

  6. I'm with lavenderpug, what was your fortune!! DO TELL!

  7. forutnue cat waves hi!

  8. Janie | We Heart Paper says:

    That is such a cute concept! I wish I could find some fortune cats in NY!

  9. YUM! The little fortune cats are just adorable, and I totally want to have one of those caterpillars!

  10. ooooh i am intrigued by the fortune cat!

  11. BigAppleNosh says:

    @lavenderpug, @ali, @jessica I forgot the exact fortune, but I believe it was about love and friendship (I know, I'm vague). 😉

  12. In Singapore, food is always so cute!!!! The fortune cat pic is too adorable 🙂

  13. honey my heart says:

    pave chocolates looks to have such a yummy and cute collection. i love the caterpillar dessert! don't know if i could eat it, though 😉 and the macarons look so yummy!!


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