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March 2011

NoshGirl Chef Challenge!

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Oh man, I’m so excited about everything happening on the blog this week! (Have you entered my giveaway yet?).  Well, here’s one more thing to add to the list – the very first NoshGirl Chef Challenge!

Introducing the contenders!
(Pop on over to their blogs and say hi!)

The premise is quite simple, really…

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GIVEAWAY – How to Cook Everything!

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…(and I mean EVERYTHING)

via Mark Bittman

I am SO EXCITED to be doing this giveaway!  Let’s face it – I have a tiny apartment kitchen and limited time.  As much as I’d love to prepare a 4-hr meal, I won’t.  Enter Mark Bittman‘s How to Cook Everything (Tenth Anniversary Edition!).  Mark Bittman, my beloved New York Times food writer, is known for his non-fussy but super-yummy approach to food.  This book was recommended to be my three separate individuals, and once I purchased it, I was hooked. I read this book like a novel – it is that good.  Seriously, you learn how to cook EVERYTHING – and it’s quick, easy (no really) and delicious.  Right after I made a few recipes from this book, I knew I wanted to host a giveaway for it as well!

Would you like to WIN your very own copy?  Here’s how to enter:

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Cupcakes: Butter Lane

Eating Out

Happy Monday, everyone! Hope you had a great weekend.  I’ve got some exciting stuff on the blog this week (including a giveaway!) so stay tuned!  But first, I was digging though my photo folders just now, and I realized I never wrote about these luscious cupcakes – a TRAVESTY!!! As you may know by now, I LOVE cupcakes.  I can’t resist popping into a cupcake store when I pass by one, as recently was the case.  My little detour into Butter Lane proved to be well worth it.  Located smack dab in the East Village, Butter Lane screams super-cute the minute you walk in:

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Recipe: Chile Verde

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So I think by now you know I looove kitchen gadgets – sieve? Sweet! Silpat? Sign me up.  One appliance that I had been neglecting was my brandy-new slow cooker.  There it was on the top shelf of the kitchen cabinet, woefully biding its time.  My feelings towards it were four-fold:

1. I LOVE kitchen gadgets.
2. But I don’t know what to cook in a slow cooker.
3. Well, I can learn.
4. But it takes up space. (My motto for 2011 – no appliances that make only one thing!  Ok, no more appliances that make only one thing)

In the end, Points 1 and 3 won out, especially after I saw my friend Cathy’s recipe for Chile Verde. I followed her recipe to the word except for some toppings at the end and some creative ingredient substitution.

You will need:

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