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French/American: Per Se

May 31, 2011 By: Serena Category: Eating Out

Hi Everyone!  Happy Tuesday!  Hope you all enjoyed the Memorial Day weekend.  I had the most awesome meal this past weekend at Per Se.  As one of only five 3-star Michelin rated restaurants in New York City, there has of course been a ton of positive press about Per Se.  But did the meal live up to the hype?  Well, based on my rating, I’m sure you can guess what I thought of it…


Fun Fact Friday

May 27, 2011 By: Serena Category: FunFactFriday

This week’s Fun Fact is just in time for long the start of barbecue and picnic season!

Fruit cubes photo via Babble

Ice cubes made of fruit juice or puree add a refreshing flavor to sparkling water, ice tea, or lemonade without diluting your drink! Give it a try!

Have a wonderful Memorial Day weekend!

Vegetarian: Buddha Bodai Nature Kosher Vegetarian Restaurant

May 26, 2011 By: Serena Category: Eating Out


If you’ve been following my blog, you’ll notice that I usually feature a food photo at the beginning of a post.  However, I could not resist after visiting Buddha Bodai Nature Kosher Vegetarian Restaurant.  I mean come on.  How cool is that name?  It’s Buddha approved.  It’s all about nature. It’s vegetarian. AND it’s kosher? Geez, Louise.

I admit it wasn’t my idea to visit this restaurant…


The Original Soupman

May 25, 2011 By: Serena Category: Events / Giveaways / Partnerships

I was recently invited to try a free cup of soup courtesy of The Original Soupman.  As it was a sponsored meal (a rare occurrence – this was my second freebie), I’m not giving a rating – you can see my sponsored meal policy here.  Now that that’s out of the way, let’s get started, shall we?


NoshGirl Cross Country Party – Frozen Yogurt!

May 23, 2011 By: Serena Category: Events / Giveaways / Partnerships

The very first NoshGirl Cross Country Party was a huge success, with submissions from Washington state, California, my native NYC, Guam and much much more!  It was so much fun to see how everyone ate their favorite frozen yogurt!  Without further ado – your froyo creations! :)

Marissa (@marissamakes)
Miami, FL  {My Yogurt Bliss}
“White Chocolate Mousse + Nutella swirl frozen yogurt, topped with mini chips + sliced almonds”


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