Fun Fact Friday

September 23, 2011 By: Serena

Happy almost-weekend Noshers!  What fun plans do you have lined up?

Did you know that:

September is National Potato Month

How will you celebrate? Some lovely garlic mashed potatoes, perhaps?

Have a great weekend!

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11 Comments to “Fun Fact Friday”

  1. It’s national potato month? Sounds like a good excuse to eat some of my second favorite food this weekend…with some garlic, of course!

    Hope you have a great weekend!

  2. Dear Sewrena I whish you a lovley and nice weekend!! gloria

  3. Potato month?! Now that is glorious! I don’t think I’ve found a potato dish that I do not like! They are one of my favorite foods!

    Happy Weekend!

  4. Hello carbs! My fave! I’ll have to think of some potato goodness to whip up soon!

  5. Mmm, potatoes are my favorite!!

  6. who knew! another reason to like september.

  7. Homemade french fries, homemade gnocchi? Now I’m hungry again…

  8. Potatoes! They get a bum rap and I don’t like it.

    I’m going to celebrate by making breakfast-for-dinner tomorrow night: Skillet hash with fried eggs. I’m also going to celebrate sweet potatoes (my tuber of choice) with a baked one tomorrow afternoon: Baked sweet potato + cinnamon + hot sauce = My favorite thing ever, basically.

  9. I think in honor of National Potato Month I will make some homemade french fries tonight… or mashed potatoes… I’m so indecisive


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