Green & Black’s Chocolate Event AND a Chocolate GIVEAWAY!

November 22, 2011 By: Serena

Last week I attended a delicious chocolate event, hosted by none other than Green & Black’s!  After the awesome event Green & Black’s put together last year, I knew I was in for a scrumptious treat.  This year was a small, intimate affair – about 10 bloggers, tops.  In addition to samples of the 10+ luscious chocolate varieties (first photo), we were treated to a cheese, fruit and prosciutto collection (mmmmmm):

…as well as many other goodies made with Green & Black’s.  Strawberry, anyone?

We also had a friendly tiramisu competition – a tray of ingredients and 7 minutes on the clock – go!

And here’s my finished product…

After some serious conferring by the judges:

A winner was declared – I didn’t win bragging rights that night, but at least I got to eat all my tiramisu! Delish!  My fellow food bloggers’ creations were also quite beautiful!

I’m so glad I had the opportunity to attend Green & Black’s chocolate event this year – it was so fun to meet fellow bloggers and sample the mouthwatering luxurious chocolate; I did try all the flavors!  My favorites were the Toffee and the Peanut & Sea Salt – both were SUPER addictive!  Want to try some for yourself? You’re in luck, for I’m hosting an awesome choco-licious giveaway!

The prize pack includes:

You want to WIN?? Enter today!

As usual, your comment must answer the provided question for your entry to count! Good luck!

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37 Comments to “Green & Black’s Chocolate Event AND a Chocolate GIVEAWAY!”

  1. amy marantino says:

    i love me some choclate

  2. Chocolate with ginger in it is my new obsession, and I’ve long really liked Green & Black’s stuff, so I’ll have to check theirs out!

  3. The cherry chocolate strikes my fancy as a change from the 85% I have been enjoying

  4. Now THIS is my kind of giveaway! Fingers crossed I’m the lucky one!!

  5. Suburban Prep says:

    Oh my Toffee for sure.

  6. Oooh the milk or espresso chocolate looks so good!

  7. Green and Black is my FAVORITE chocolate. Maya Gold is the best. It tastes like Christmas.

  8. Ooh, the Maya Gold one sounds delicious!

  9. I like Almond and Toffee!

  10. Mmmm the Maya Gold look divine!

  11. What a fun event! Who can so no to chocolate 😉

  12. Dark 85% is my favorite. It goes well with a nice cabernet!

  13. This is completely my dream event, oh my gosh. I would never want to leave. And I might just eat that entireee spread. I would love to try the Toffee flavor! That one sounds fun. 🙂

  14. Oh man I so want to be there! What fun!!

  15. Almond or white for sure! And, you know that it is mean to tempt pregnant ladies with chocolate without giving it to them, right?? 🙂

  16. Mm I think almond would be wonderful!

  17. What an amazing event! So jealous!! I would love to try the toffee chocolate!! Love me some toffee.

  18. Im drooling just thinking about the peanut butter with sea salt – OMG – YUM!

  19. Toffee sounds delicious! What a fun even and giveaway!

  20. Chocolate and Mint or just plane ole dark chocolate makes me melt!

  21. I want to win some chocolate! 😀

  22. My favorite is espresso.

  23. Toffee sounds amazing!

  24. Chocolate!! Yes please. Thank you!! Any kind is my favorite!

  25. I’m a huge fan of plain ‘ol dark chocolate!

  26. Yummy, the pictures looks so good girl!

  27. I love white chocolate!

  28. The Hazelnut & Currant and the Espresso are my personal favorite. Probably from living in Oregon so long. Those are the flavors of my teenage years.

  29. YUM. I think my favorites would be the toffee or hazelnut and currant

  30. Mmmm chocolate…perfect giveaway!

  31. I like the Ginger. Thanks

  32. I’m drooling just looking at that photo!

  33. I can never get enough of mint chocolate! (Orange is a close second).

  34. I couldn’t live without chocolate. It’s a staple in my house, esp. for baking.


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