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January 2012

Fun Fact Friday


Happy Friday, lovelies! Another end to a busy week! We’re having a NoshGirl Party this weekend – will you be participating? 🙂  I think this Friday’s Fun Fact is especially appropriate for this blog:

Har gow (shrimp dumplings), from Golden Unicorn

“Dim sum” translates into “to touch the heart” or “a little bit of heart.” 

As you can imagine, this meal is dear to the heart of dim sum enthusiasts!

Have you had dim sum before? What is your favorite dish?

The NoshGirl Party is Back – This Weekend!

Events / Giveaways / Partnerships

Mmm, I love hot cocoa on a chilly evening!

Happy Wednesday, Noshers!  This weekend, I’d like to resurrect a tradition here on the blog – the NoshGirl party! And yes – EVERYONE is invited – that means you!  At previous parties, we devoured Weekend Breakfasts, Late Night Snacks, Frozen Yogurt and Summer Beverages.  I can’t wait to see what you do with this month’s buzzfood!

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Chinese: Cha Chan Tang

Eating Out

Happy Lunar New Year, everyone!  Unfortunately, I will be working late tonight, but I got to spend New Year’s celebration with my family yesterday! In honor of the holiday, today I’m posting about Chan Chan Tang, in Chinatown.  Cha Chan Tang always places a smile on my face for several reasons.  One is the bottle milk tea that tastes not only richly luxurious but has the cutest presentation – just take a look at that first photo!  The other reason is that it was one of my friend Annie’s faves before she moved to Shanghai (check out her expat adventures on her blog!).

Cha Chan Tang means “tea restaurant,” and I recently ordered an inexpensive noodle dinner to supplement my beverage.  I ordered the ramen with fried egg and hot dog:

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Fun Fact Friday

Cooking / Eating In

Happy mid-month Friday, Noshers!  I am absolutely psyched about this Friday’s Fun Fact!

Just some of the delicious cheeses from Artisanal that I’ve tried!

Today is National’s Cheese Lovers Day!!

YAY!  I feel like this fun fact is speaking directly to me, haha!

What’s your favorite type of cheese?