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June 2012

Fun Fact Friday

Cooking / Eating In

Happy Friday, Noshers!  It sure is scorchin’ here in NYC today! How are things in your neck of the woods? This weekend I will be celebrating my birthday (happy birthday to me!) 🙂 and doing a bit of traveling. What are your weekend plans?

Today’s fun fact relates to my favorite food group of all time –

Artisanal Cheese

June is National Dairy Month.

I love dairy – especially CHEESE!  Have you checked out my Artisanal cheese posts? What are you waiting for?

Have a wonderful weekend!

Fun Fact Friday


Happy FRIIIDAY, y’all!  I’m writing this post from my hotel room in Chicago (in town for a few days for work!), where I have a lovely view of the Chicago River – gorgeous!  What plans to you all have for this weekend? I will be meeting some lovely friends for dinner tonight, attending a graduation party tomorrow, and meeting a friend for an early birthday brunch on Sunday. Phew – what a busy few days; good thing it’s all fun stuff!

I learned this fun fact years and years ago when learning about the Ancient Egyptians!

honey cornbreadHoney plays an important role in my recipe for honey cornbread!

Honey is the only food that will never spoil – in fact, edible honey has been found in Ancient Egyptian tombs.

What’s your favorite way to eat honey? I love to add it to Greek yogurt!

BBQ: Fatty ‘Cue

Eating Out

Big Apple Nosh



I had been wanting to try Fatty ‘Cue for a while now – a restaurant specializing in smokey, Southeast Asian-inspired goodness of the pork specialization (they also feature other meats). First of all, I love BBQ – it’s a serious love, and one that I’d like to believe is requited.  Second, any restaurant with “Fatty” in its name has to possess a certain level of deliciousness.  So on one sunny NYC afternoon, off I went with an eating buddy to check this place out.

The first thing we noticed were that there were only two of us, and about 8 things we wanted to try on the menu:

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Fun Fact Friday


Happy Friday, Noshers!  I’m currently speeding down the East Coast on the Amtrak – unfortunately, I’ll be working all weekend. At least the weather looks gorgeous!  Hope you have more leisurely plans!

And now for today’s Fun Fact:

Abbott's LobsterLobster feast from my visit to Abbott’s

Today is National Lobster Day!

YUM! I LOVE lobster – my favorite way to eat it is simply steamed with lots of butter! I just wish I could have it more often 🙂

Are you a lobster fan? What’s your favorite way to eat it?