Weekend Food Highlights

June 25, 2012 By: Serena

Happy Monday!! (well, it’s all relative, right?)  I thought I’d kick off the week with some food highlights from my delicious weekend!  Are you ready? :)

I started my weekend in Chicago, so of course I had to have Garrett Popcorn Chicago Mix – they have a store in NYC, but I only purchase Garrett Popcorn in Chicago!

Garrett's Popcorn

I also had to have a Chicago-style hot dog (and a chili cheese backup) from Portillo’s:


I didn’t eat this cake, but given the opportunity I might have – check out this panda creation from Alliance Bakery:

I had my favorite hot chocolate ever – sea salt caramel hot cocoa from Ghirardelli:


I also saw Mama Nosh, who surprised me with Hello Kitty marshmallows and See’s chocolate lollies! YEsssss….

Hello Kitty Marshmallows

I also stopped by my cousin’s graduation party, where what awaited – a Swedish Christmas ham!  Brined in salt and sugar for three days, this was soooooo good. I’d be lying if I said I didn’t think about it all day afterward.

Swedish Christmas Ham

Because one dish is never enough with my family, we also supplemented the ham with (among other things) KFC.  That’s Korean fried chicken, of course:

I wrapped up my weekend with a leisurely farmers market visit:


Where I picked up this gorgeous, super sweet white corn!

And completed the evening with some home made peach cobbler, made with farmers market peaches and Ronnybrook milk:

There you go – my weekend of food highlights, all in photos!

Don’t be shy – share your weekend food highlights with me! What did you eat this weekend?

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9 Comments to “Weekend Food Highlights”

  1. Wow, you had a delicious weekend! How have I not tried that Ghirardelli hot chocolate – I’ve failed as a San Franciscan. It sounds amazing. That caramel corn is making my sweet tooth twitch as well. My weekend eating highlight was the Indian desserts available at my friend’s son’s first birthday party ;)

  2. that ham looks amazing! ooh and KFC–your family knows how to eat right!

  3. Yummy! My weekend food highlight includes perfectly charred steak fajitas and a big bowl of mint chocolate chip ice cream (eaten separately, lol).

  4. All this food makes me drool. I need that hot chocolate in my life. And the peach cobbler. I can’t wait until the first fresh peaches come in around me!

  5. Macchame says:

    wow your weekend was so yummy! beautiful pictures

  6. what is that swedish ham! i want to try!

    • My cousin’s husband made it (he’s from Sweden) – it was soooo good! I think it’s called julskinska!

  7. Kfc (both Kentucky & Korean!), biryani, and a giant Korean shave ice were the highlights.

    I made a cherry cobbler with my mom tonight, & my husband came back to me saying it opened a world of possibilties (for me to continue baking for him, naturally). “peach cobbler, blueberry cobbler, ooo, ooo, blueberry-peach cobbler!”


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