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August 2012

Fun Fact Friday


HAPPY FRIDAY, NOSHERS!!  Yes, that required obnoxious all-caps formatting because we (at least those of us in the United States) have a holiday weekend! Woohoo! I LOVE holiday weekends!  Are you doing anything fun? Please share your plans!

I, for one, am super excited about one of my weekend plans. So excited, in fact, that I’m going to make it my Fun Fact for today.

Pig Island 2012

I am going to Pig Island.

Featuring 25 top chefs going “hog wild” with all sorts of delicious dishes made with locally sourced pigs, butchering and cooking demos, local craft beer and wine, and live music, Pig Island is going to be quite a feast!  I will be going as press, so stay tuned for tweets, instagram photos and a blog re-cap of the best pig dishes of the day. YUM!

What’s your favorite pork product?

Recipe: Chocolate Peanut-Butter Bars

Cooking / Eating In

It has been a while since I brought some sweet treats into the office (the last time was a luscious fruit tart in June), and it was due time!  I decided to use this dessert-making opportunity to respond to a comment that anniegurumi left of my peach cobbler post – a request for an easy-to-make dessert that didn’t require an oven.   What a great idea for summer!  I decided to make something that features one of my favorite combinations – chocolate and peanut butter.

Now, I’ll be the first to admit that this isn’t my typical recipe at all…

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Mexican: Pulqueria

Eating Out



Last week, I checked out Pulqueria, an extremely well-hidden Mexican restaurant deep in Chinatown.  I’m not talking Canal Street, people – Pulqueria is on windy, narrow Doyers.  My sister had purchased a groupon for a 4-course meal for two and wasn’t going to use it before it expired – so that meant that an eating buddy and I had to take her place! Thanks, sis!

We settled into this underground hideaway and perused our options:

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Fun Fact Friday


Happy Friday, Noshers!  What are your plans this weekend? I will be attending a bridal shower and an end of summer BBQ – yay!  I can’t believe summer is ending already, sad…

Today’s fun fact is especially useful when decorating cakes, especially for kids!

The above Easter Bunny cake was a hit with the nephew!

To add some color to shredded coconut, place coconut flakes in a plastic bag with a few drops of food coloring and shake. Voila!  Bunny grass (or sand on a beach, or a lion’s mane – let your imagination run wild!).

I’d love to hear about any creative dessert creations you’ve made – please share!


Recipe: Roasted Okra

Cooking / Eating In

Okra was one of those random foods that I never tried until I was in college – I never had a strong dislike for it or anything like that, it just wasn’t something my mom cooked during my childhood.  Things were not boding well for this veggie when a friend lovingly described it as “kinda slimy.” Seeing this as a challenge to overcome, I went ahead and bought okra seedlings to plant at my parents’ house (no way they would survive NYC apartment living!).  With a proud bumper crop of no less than 3 okras, I knew I had to supplement my homegrown supply with the farmers market stock.  Boy, am I glad I did – a simple roast and I was an okra convert! Here’s how I did it:

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