Fun Fact Friday

August 31, 2012 By: Serena

HAPPY FRIDAY, NOSHERS!!  Yes, that required obnoxious all-caps formatting because we (at least those of us in the United States) have a holiday weekend! Woohoo! I LOVE holiday weekends!  Are you doing anything fun? Please share your plans!

I, for one, am super excited about one of my weekend plans. So excited, in fact, that I’m going to make it my Fun Fact for today.

Pig Island 2012

I am going to Pig Island.

Featuring 25 top chefs going “hog wild” with all sorts of delicious dishes made with locally sourced pigs, butchering and cooking demos, local craft beer and wine, and live music, Pig Island is going to be quite a feast!  I will be going as press, so stay tuned for tweets, instagram photos and a blog re-cap of the best pig dishes of the day. YUM!

What’s your favorite pork product?

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3 Comments to “Fun Fact Friday”

  1. fatty pork belly is my fave special pork treat. bacon is an everyday fave 😀 can’t wait to hear all about Pig Island!

  2. So jealous! I love the suckling pigs with crispy skin that hang in the shop windows in Chinatown. Can’t wait to hear about Pig Island! Sounds like such a happy place . . .

  3. Ya learn somtheing new everyday. It’s true I guess!


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