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Fun Fact Friday


Happy Friday, Noshers! I’m starting to sound like a broken record, but I just got to say again – this week has been CRAZY! Things are really ramping up in work life and life life, and once again the holidays have snuck up on us. This weekend I will be catching a movie with a friend, putting together some fun recipes for a partnership I’m working on, and celebrating my Dad’s birthday early! Happy Birthday, Papa Nosh!

This Fun Fact doesn’t officially kick in until tomorrow, but I just had to share.

Salted caramel pie

I know multiple people have made this salted caramel pie already! Have you?

December 1st is National Pie Day

So eat a piece of pie in celebration! Yum! What is your favorite type of pie?

Recipe: Furikake Salmon

Cooking / Eating In

I’m a working girl.  I also like to cook.  Unfortunately, these two statements are often at odds with each other, especially after a long day at the office.  There are some days when I’m just so exhausted that nothing but delivery will do!  But when I have some energy but not much time, I often rely on this quick and easy salmon recipe from Jean Hee’s Best of the Best Hawaii Recipes.  As I had mentioned in my shrimp curry post, I bought this cookbook during a trip to Hawaii – cookbooks from places I’ve traveled to are my number one favorite souvenir!  What I like about this recipe is that I already had all of the ingredients in my pantry.  The one “non-conventional” ingredient for some might be nori furikake – available at Asian supermarkets and a greater number of conventional supermarkets these days, I love this stuff.  And one container will last you a while!  Anyway – back to the salmon….yum.

You will need:

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Fun Fact Friday


Happy day-after-Thanksgiving, Noshers! Are you completely stuffed from yesterday? I know I sure am!  Thankfully, I have today and the weekend to recover!  Today’s Fun Fact is about the beloved turkey:

Image via Wikipedia

Benjamin Franklin wanted the turkey to be named as our national bird, rather than the bald eagle!

What do you think? Turkey or bald eagle – which is your preference?

Happy (early) Thanksgiving!

Events / Giveaways / Partnerships

It is the day before my favorite holiday of the year – Thanksgiving!  My family takes this holiday seriously, not only as a legitimate excuse to bust a gut with a third slice of pie but also to reflect on things for which to be thankful. One of the things I’m thankful for this year is all of you reading the Big Apple Nosh blog and offering your comments, conversations via twitter and likes on the BAN Facebook page! You guys are awesome – so THANK YOU! 🙂

I thought about putting together a Thanksgiving recipe round-up like I did last year, but I am relying on old-standbys – namely, the oh-so-popular and oh-so-easy salted caramel pie! Have you tried making this yet? What are you waiting for?

Salted Caramel Pie goodness

Happy Thanksgiving!  I hope that wherever you are, you get to spend some quality time with family and friends, eating to your hearts content. 🙂



What are you thankful for this year?  What is your favorite Thanksgiving recipe?

Recap: New York Chocolate Show 2012!

Events / Giveaways / Partnerships

Happy Thanksgiving week, Noshers!  Thanksgiving is my favorite holiday of the year: a time to get together with family and think about all you have to be thankful from the past year – what’s making your list? Of course, I can’t mention Thanksgiving without talking about all the good FOOD that I will be gorging myself on!  Speaking of gorgeous gluttony, I’m so excited to share my recap of the New York Chocolate Show that I attended earlier this month! That’s right – a show all about chocolate!! YUM! Are you interested? Keep reading…

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