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Happy Thanksgiving week, Noshers!  Thanksgiving is my favorite holiday of the year: a time to get together with family and think about all you have to be thankful from the past year – what’s making your list? Of course, I can’t mention Thanksgiving without talking about all the good FOOD that I will be gorging myself on!  Speaking of gorgeous gluttony, I’m so excited to share my recap of the New York Chocolate Show that I attended earlier this month! That’s right – a show all about chocolate!! YUM! Are you interested? Keep reading…

Living up to its name, the New York Chocolate Show was a three day event featuring more than fifty booths celebrating all things chocolate – chocolate itself (of course), baked goods, coffee, spices, liqueur, the list goes on and on!  My eating buddy and I were completely STUFFED by the end of our Chocolate Show experience – would you expect any less? There were also a ton of culinary demonstrations, book sales and signings, as well as gorgeous chocolate sculptures.   Here are some highlights I captured on camera when my hands weren’t shaking from a sugar high:

Boxes and boxes of truffles and fleur de sel caramels – you know how much I love salted caramel, right? Mmmhmmm.

The signature orange boxes of Payard Patisserie were calling my name:


I can never resist a both offering fudge – especially so many varieties!  And they had a chocolate sea salt version for me to sample?? Fuggedaboutit!


At this booth, a Cuban restaurant was prepping tamales – this was still a work in progress, but I’m guessing some sort of mole sauce would be involved in the finishing:


HAD to stop by the Valrhona table. Had to.  These chocolate pearls were so addictive.  You’re supposed to use them in baking or as dessert finishings/toppings.  I didn’t flip the bag over, but I’m pretty sure an alternate method of consumption listed was “grab by handful and stuff in mouth. Repeat.” No? No?


Salt of the Earth Bakery sounded right up my alley – um, hello. Salt and sweets? My favorite thing ever!  Disappointingly, the Salt of the Earth booth people looked right through me as I tried to ask them about their product – it was so weird! Maybe they heard about my Valrhona face-stuffing.  Anyway,  my eating buddy managed to get a sample, so we shared.


Some lovely packaging and beautiful confections from Vincent Guerlais – always appreciated:


Spices & Tease is a regular exhibitor at the Chocolate Show, and I always delight in their aromatic, colorful spread:


Gnosis Chocolate offered its “Superfoods” chocolate, which was quite delicious!  Their chocolate is also soy and peanut free, for those with allergy concerns:


I tried one of the most interesting combinations from H.S. Chocolate Co. – samples of a blue cheese and fig chocolate bar!  I know some of you might hesitate at that combination, but it was SO good.  The blue cheese was quite mild and creamy, and provided such a pleasant tangy counterpoint to the sweet fig and chocolate.


At Aigner Chocolates I found adorable appropriate holiday-themed chocolates:


I took a break from eating (erm, I mean, taking photos for blogging purposes) to admire a lovely chocolate display:


Before starting round two.  I next visit tastefully presented Eclat Chocolate, named as one of the “Best Chocolates in America” by Bon Appetit Magazine! I had to see if they knew what they were talking about (ha ha), so I sampled some:

And yes, they know what they were talking about. And Anthony Bourdain was one of the collaborators on their Good & Evil bar? Why am I not surprised.

MarieBelle was sampling super addictive baked goods as well as showcasing their exquisitely decorated chocolate creations:


The brownies at the Jazz Brownies booth were also one of my faves of the show.  One, because the two ladies behind the booth were super sweet.  Two, I love the name Jazz Brownies. And three – these brownies were spectacular! There were four varieties to sample – Orange Zest, Coconut Black Pepper, Sesame, and Spicy Dulce de Leche:


I tried the Spicy Dulce de Leche and wooo, that’s got a kick. Deelish!  The lovely Jazz Brownies ladies also noted their special edition heart brownies – if someone got those for me they’d soon be history. And I wouldn’t share. Ha!


With a clear respect for rules and authority, I didn’t dare chew at No Chewing Allowed!’s booth:

For my efforts (or lack thereof, rather), I was rewarded with a decadent, melt-in-your-mouth truffle.

I thought this diagram of the tongue and tastes was quite informative – I wasn’t sure if this was an interactive booth or not, so I just observed.


I absolutely LOVE the cheerful packaging and display of The Grenada Chocolate Company:


By this time, I was stuffed and then some, so my eating buddy and I watched a chocolate sculptor hard at work creative a life-sized sculpture out of what else – chocolate (and some other ingredients):


A work in progress – pretty impressive!


And in case you wanted to wear your favorite desserts:



Chocolate bar choker, anyone?



I think I need this bag:

This was my fourth time attending the New York Chocolate Show (but my first time covering it on the blog!) and once again, the show didn’t disappoint.   There was so much to see and sample, and it was so fun to be surrounded by chocolate experts who were passionate about their product.  If you’re a chocolate fan, I definitely recommend you check it out next year!

Which of the above chocolates would you like to try?

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    November 20, 2012 at 2:11 pm

    Looks so awesome!! A chocolate lovers dream 😉

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    November 20, 2012 at 8:52 pm

    YUM. 🙂

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    December 7, 2012 at 7:12 am

    Holy…chocolate…amazingness. I am insanely jealous at the moment after seeing all this chocolate goodness.

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