Fun Fact Friday

January 18, 2013 By: Serena

Happy FRIDAY, Noshers!  It’s almost weekend time!  Any fun plans? If the weather agrees, I’ll be going for a run in my brand new, neon yellow running shoes.  The excitement is real, people!  By the way, today is the last day to enter my giveaway of a year’s supply of Scope Dual-Blast Mouthwash – if you’re the winner, you can eat savory, pungent foods with abandon! Mmmmm…

Today’s Fun Fact is delicious, as usual:


Some scrumptiously AMAZING Peking Duck I had while in Beijing!

Today is National Peking Duck Day.

I must admit, after having Peking duck in Beijing (3 times in 3 days!), I’m a bit spoiled.  I don’t think US Peking duck will be the same!

Have you had Peking duck before?

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2 Comments to “Fun Fact Friday”

  1. Another delicious fun fact that I would have made sure to enjoy back in my meat-eating days. I can still tell my co-workers though and suggest they celebrate. Have fun on your run!

  2. The hubby and I are HUGE fans of Peking duck!! I’ll have to share that today is a National Peking Duck Day with him!


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