My Super Short Trip to London: Borough Market!

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London 2013-45

Happy Thursday, Noshers!  Today I’m happy to share the first of my series of posts about my SSTTL (Super Short Trip to London)!  I was in London for work a few weeks ago, and it was SO fun and delicious.  I wish my I could have stayed longer!  Today’s post is about one of my favorite stops during my stay – a trip to Borough Market.  I made sure to go on a Saturday, when the full market was open from 8am – 5pm, and boy was it bustling!

I had so much fun taking photos of all of the lovely stands and tables.   Regrettably I didn’t have the stomach space to try it all, but that just means I’ll have to make a return visit, right? For the most part, I’ll let the photos speak for themselves:

The produce was lovely – if I were staying in a place with a kitchen rather than a standard hotel room, I would have had a ball cooking!

London 2013-1

London 2013-6


London 2013-4

There was cheese, cheese and more cheese:

London 2013-2

London 2013-3

I’m not even mentioning the amazing raclette stand I later encountered – keep reading for that!

Lovely loaves, pastries, muffins and rolls everywhere:

London 2013-23

I thought they would just be called muffins here:


London 2013-31

Sea salts galore:

London 2013-5

A sign like this might usually raise some suspicions, but when the arrow points to a bowl of truffles, I was eager to take a whiff.


London 2013-7

This stand had any and every type of seafood you could wish to prepare:

London 2013-8

As well as oysters, ready to eat and shucked right then and there:

London 2013-24

London 2013-25

London 2013-26

Award winning pies! Meat pies, that is.  Yum!

London 2013-9

Preserved meats for immediate or delayed consumption:

London 2013-22

London 2013-30

There was an organic raw milk and dairy stand where you could purchase products to go or to drink right then and there:

London 2013-29

I treated myself to an apricot drinking yogurt – sweet and tangy!


And a meal wouldn’t be complete without sweets!  This stand featured every type of licorice you imagine:

London 2013-10

Each meringue at this stand (left side of photo) was the size of a softball:

London 2013-11

My favorite nosh of my Borough Market visit was found at Kappacasein – toasted cheese sandwich and raclette? Yes, please!

London 2013-15

With cheese and carbs of all sorts, this stand was particularly popular.

London 2013-12

Why yes, those are huge half-wheels of cheese you see there:

London 2013-13

And sandwiches all ready to be toasted to perfection.

London 2013-14

Despite being a voracious eater (as you already know by now, ha!) I knew that if I had both the sandwich and the raclette, I would be done for the day with a long nap.  And I had a full itinerary planned; no napping was on it!  So after much deliberation, I decided to go with the sandwich, which featured a mix of cheeses (including one that I’d later purchase  – Montgomery cheddar, amazingness, more on that in a following post), five types of onions, and sourdough bread.

London 2013-16

A photo does not do this sandwich justice – but this is my best attempt:

London 2013-17

While munching on the sandwich in my hot little hands, I made my way over to the other side of the booth, where the raclette set-up was featured:

London 2013-18

For the uninitiated, raclette is a dish whose main characteristic is heating up cheese and scraping off the melted part.  Some people put the melted cheese on bread (yum), potatoes (delish), or just eat it straight off a plate (omg).  Kappacasein went the potato route, with the addition of pickles as well.

London 2013-20

London 2013-19

London 2013-21

I’m pretty sure I need to make a return visit so I can try the raclette.  Okay, make that very sure.

London 2013-27

I would highly recommend Borough Market  as a must-try if you’re making a visit to London.  Be sure to check its website to visit on a day when the most stands are open.  If you go with a few eating buddies, I can only imagine the experience would be even better because you could try more things!  I had a lovely time there and look forward to going back and trying even more foods. Yum!

Stay tuned for more posts in this series, including afternoon tea, a cheese shop, fish & chips, and the day where I step in the map for some sightseeing!

Have you been to Borough Market before? What is your favorite local market?

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  • Reply
    April 4, 2013 at 11:19 am

    Oh wow. How awesome is all that food?!

  • Reply
    April 5, 2013 at 10:20 am

    Holy moly this place looks amazing! I want me some of it all! Great photos.

  • Reply
    April 7, 2013 at 7:15 am

    Jealous! Like a wonderland of food. Raclette sounds so delish & efficient, like fondue-in-situ.

  • Reply
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    April 11, 2013 at 10:31 am

    […] two locations – I stopped by the one near Borough Market (see my write-up of Borough Market here) so you can imagine how delicious that day was!  If you do end up visiting, drop me a line and let […]

  • Reply
    Fat Englishman
    April 11, 2013 at 11:31 pm

    Thank you for this delightful article – it brings back wonderful memories that span many years.
    I remember when outside of early morning grocery and restaurant trade, Borough Market was a one-morning-a-month affair and you had to be in the know. There were probably no more than twenty vendors (including Neals Yard, Brindisa and Turnips). It’s wonderful to see how it has grown in both the sheer number of vendors and variety of foods but also in the number of days it now spans. It’s also acted as one of the spurs for economic revival of the immediate area which was always pretty desolate and better suited to crime and movie locations than dining out.
    Every time I return to London Borough Market is a must-do – even if I have to concoct an excuse for a meeting there.

  • Reply
    Amy T
    April 12, 2013 at 10:03 pm

    yum! everything looks so good!

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