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NEW YORK TASTE!!! One of my favorite events to cover every year – with over 40 chefs from amazing NYC restaurants, the evening was a food-fan’s dream come true.  I was lucky enough to cover the 2013 event last week (my third time attending NY Taste!), and I’m super excited to share a recap with you.  Warning – tons of pictures ahead. You’re okay with that, right? I thought so.  Let’s get started!

As you can see below, I had a ton of eating ahead of me:


Edit: I was putting together  a small blurb on what I thought of each chef’s dish, but the repetition of “It was amazing,” “This one also AMAZING,” and “I helped myself to three more” became a little tiresome.  So I’ll just leave you with a description of each dish – but rest assured, each one was absolutely delicious and I may or may not have returned for repeat or threepeat samplings. Or fourpeat. Whatever.

My first visit was to Ed’s Chowder House, who offered Seared Skuna Bay Salmon, served with Grain Salad with Beets and Horseradish (first photo).

At the Alison Eighteen table – Lamb Bacon with Red Wine Caramelized Shallots, Whey, Pistachio, and Shiso:


Num Pang: Spicy Butternut Squash Soup Shooter with Coconut Cream.  I love Num Pang’s sandwiches, so I was looking forward to trying their soup. Yum!


The Peacock: Salmon Tartare “Britannia”.  I liked this one because it looks like it’s on a mini bagel. I love bagels. Mmm.


British Airways actually had a pretty impressive table, laden with petits fours:


And these kind of amazing cakes that were topped with a warm vanilla sauce right before serving, collapsing into a decadent, luxurious dessert.


Collapsed and ready to be eaten!  My eating buddy may have captured some video of the process, complete with excited squeals from me. I’ll spare your ears.


Aldea: Flakes of Bacalhau, Ruby Crescent Potato, Smoked Trout Caviar, and Golden Delicious Apple:


Hill Country Barbeque Market: Hill Country Post-Oak Smoked Brisket with Cool as a Cucumber Salad


….and Mini PB&J Cupcakes!  I’ve visited Hill Country before and tried their full-size PB&J cupcakes – SO GOOD!  I ate four minis and it was almost the same thing.  Gotta work with what you have, you know.


The FP Patisserie table was overflowing with a selection of Francoise Payard Mini Pastries, chocolates, and….


Francois Payard himself!  There may have been some gawking on my part.  When I couldn’t choose which chocolate to try, he encouraged me to sample several.  Good man, Francois. Good man.

NY_Taste_2013-14And of course I had to try a chocolate pastry as well:


…and who am I kidding – a passion fruit pastry, too.

NY_Taste_2013-17All in the name of food blogging.  You’re welcome.

In keeping with the dessert and chef celebrity gawking theme, I next moved onto Dominique Ansel Bakery where I asked Dominique for my cronut.  While he didn’t have a cronut for me, he did offer Chocolate Caviar served with Coffee Caramel Cream and Sable Cookie:

NY_Taste_2013-40He also made fun of me for drinking a Diet Coke.  It’s all right, the chocolate caviar was good so I’ll give his teasing a pass.  Though I’m still waiting for my cronut…

Back to savories – Arlington Club‘s Filet Mignon Steak Tartare with White Mushrooms, Condiment, and Grilled Country Bread was a meaty palate cleanser:


Sirio Ristorante: Seared Scallops with Cauliflower Puree and Black Truffle Sauce


Balaboosta offered a Shimp Kataif with Tobiko Sauce – the sauce was amazing!


The Meatball Shop, which I had been wanting to try for a while, featured Pizza Balls with Tomato Sauce, Focaccia, and Grated Parmesan:


Talde‘s Lemongrass Pork Slippery Noodles were intensely flavorful, familiar and super satisfying.  I feel the presentation could be cleaned up a tiny bit, but that didn’t stop me from digging in!


Back Forty + Back Forty West: Delicata Squash with Spicy Pork Sausage and Green Tomato Salsa


Recette‘s Grilled Cobia with Cucumber “Kimchi” Crema, Chili, and Mizuna was delicious, and I also learned what Cobia is (fish).


Morimoto‘s “Yu-burrata” with Truffle Dashi and Fresh Wasabi – AMAZING! I slurped up everything from this tiny bowl.  I’d expect no less from Mormioto, though.


MaisonO: Fluke Ceviche with Spicy Red Yuzu Sauce – light and citrusy!


Distilled: Liver Pate, foie gras, whipped honey, pickled shallots, and chicken skin crackers.  Okay, can we talk about this a bit? Chicken skin crackers?? Love.  Foie gras (still allowed here) with whipped honey – so decadent. The pickled shallots added a tangy finish.  In all, one of my top dishes from the evening.


The line at High Road Craft Ice Cream‘s table was ridiculous, so of course I also joined, lemming style.  Their Cinnamon-Cheddar Grilled Brioche with Cortland Apple Butter and High Road Vanilla Fleur de Sel was worth the wait and fun to see them assemble – with three guys hard at work at ice cream sandwich assembly.




Manzanilla: Montaditos de Rabo de Toro (Steamed brioche buns, pulled oxtail, mushrooms and kale):


Again, I’m a sucker for any carb that resembles a bagel:


I decided to wrap up with something nice and light (ha ha! After stuffing myself silly for two hours – who was I kidding).  Cherry‘s Big Eye Tuna Tart hit the spot:



As in previous years, New York Taste 2013 was an absolutely amazing event, with unparalleled access to top NYC chefs, mouthwatering morsels, and a fun, casual atmosphere.  I’m so happy I had was able to cover this year’s event after it had a brief hiatus in the wake of Hurricane Sandy.  If you have the chance to check it out next year, I’d highly recommend it!

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