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December 2013

Fun Fact Friday

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Happy Friday, Noshers!  I have really been appreciating Fridays lately, and that can certainly be said for the final Friday of 2013, right?  Do you have any fun weekend or NYE plans? Please do share!


A photo of the Spicy Cherry Truffles I made way back when.

Tomorrow is National Chocolate Candy Day.

Yum! I will definitely be celebrating this weekend.  Probably more than once.  Tell me, what is your favorite chocolate?

Have a wonderful weekend!

Happy Holidays!

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Merry Christmas and happy holidays, Noshers!  Hope you are able to spend some time with your family and loved ones over some delicious meals.  Just popping in to leave you with this little Christmas re-creation, featuring sister Nosh and me 🙂

old_new_christmas_bigapplenoshYup, we’re silly like that.



Fun Fact Friday

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Happy Friday, Noshers!  Ack, it’s the last weekend before Christmas!  I have fallen way behind on my Christmas shopping this year – I didn’t even have a chance to send out holiday cards! (aka holiday food treats).  Sad.  2014 maybe??  I will be doing much holiday catching-up this weekend – how about you?

Fruit_tart-1An oldie but goodie – my fruit tart recipe for those who don’t like the traditional fruit tart!

Tomorrow is National Kiwifruit Day.

Swap out summer fruit for winter goodies to make a seasonally appropriate fruit tart!

What are your weekend plans?

NoshGirl’s Top 10: NYC Holiday Must-Do’s

Eating Out

Have you entered my Walker’s Shortbread giveaway yet? What are you waiting for?


A quiet moment in Central Park, captured with my phone camera!

Happy Wednesday, Noshers!  It’s my favorite time of year in NYC – and although that means my battle with throngs of tourists during my commute is daily and frequent, I always get a bit giddy with holiday cheer in December!  Today I’m excited to share my Top 10 Holiday Must-Do’s in NYC.  Whether you’re visiting NYC for the first time, or a seasoned resident like myself, this list is bound to get you in the NoshGirl holiday spirit :).  So let’s get started, shall we? Continue Reading