Re-Cap: Dinner with Ted Allen at Pok Pok Ny, hosted by Pepcid and

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Happy Tuesday, Noshers!  I’m SO glad that the weather is finally warming up – it certainly is about time.  Today I’m stopping in with a recap of a dinner with Ted Allen I attended a few weeks ago, hosted by Pepcid and  Thanks to this little bloggy-blog, I actually had met Ted previously (I’m on a first name basis with him….I don’t know if he is with me…), and it was fun to interact with him once more!  Plus, I have been wanting to try Pok Pok Ny for aaaages – so this was the perfect opportunity.

Excuse the grainy phone camera pics….


I thought it simultaneously hilarious and ingenious for Pepcid to be a co-host of this delicious, spicy dinner of Thai delicacies; I mean, if you’re going to gorge yourself on good food it does make sense to have some heartburn relief nearby!  We kicked off the meal with a selection of appetizers, including Yam Samun Phrai (Thai version of an herbal salad in a mild coconut dressing), AMAZING Ike’s Vietnamese Fish Sauce Wings (Fresh Amish chicken wings, caramelized phu quoc fish sauce – these were to die for), and Sai Ua Samun Phrai (Chang Mai sausage, herbs, aromatics and Burmese curry powder):


For our entrees, we had Phak Buung Fai Daeng (flame stirred bok choy, according to the menu – though the vegetable looked very much like water spinach to me, thai chilies, preserved yellow beans and fish sauce); Kai Yaang Tua (whole charcola roasted label rouge hen, lemongrass, garlic, pepper and cilantro – once again, their chicken is amazing!!!), and Plaa Neung Bui (whole steamed stripe bass, soy, preserved plums, ginger and oyster mushrooms):


Last, but certainly not least, dessert was served – Sankhaya Fak Thong (sweet sticky rice with pumpkin and palm sugar custard).  I never had pumpkin prepared this way before, but it was mildly sweet and a pleasant counterpoint to the custard.


I had a delightful time with fellow foodies, fine food at Pok Pok Ny, and Ted Allen.  Thanks Eater and Pepcid for the fun night out!

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