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Ramp and goat cheese custard, Carolina rice, and ramp-walnut pesto by Gallow Green

Happy Thursday, Noshers! I am so glad that the warm weather is FINALLY here!  I thought this time of year would never come.  I hope it stays; if not…I don’t even know what. I already packed up my winter clothes (ah, the joys of a tiny NYC closet), so I am committed to these balmy temperatures.

Last month, I had the pleasure of attending Ramp Fest 2014 in Hudson, NY.  You may remember that I attended Ramp Fest 2013, which was amazing – so I was so excited to make the day trip up again this year!

Once again, the festival was held at the beautiful Basilica Hudson – I love this space!  My eating buddy and I thought it would make an excellent wedding venue – any fellow Noshers out there want to get married and invite me?? 🙂


I could go on and on about how absolutely mouthwatering each morsel was, but it would get very repetitious – because each restaurant or catering company went all out!  I’ll let the pictures speak for themselves as one of my favorite spring vegetables, the lovely ramp, was showcased in all its savory glory.

I kicked off my taste-stravaganza with Mary’s Fish Camp‘s Island Creek oysters with a charred ramp and blush wine mignonette:


Next up was Market Street’s morsel, salmon tartar with ramp pesto and crostini. I love a well-prepared fish!


Piggies in a blanket – whaaaaat? My favorite cocktail hour snack! This version, by Bonfiglio & Bread, featured ramp butter puff pastry and ramp pesto.




Speedy Romeo‘s bite was a study in light yet decadent – fresh mozzarella, grilled ramp salsa verde, grilled asparagus and portabella, and lavender lemon preserve:


I absolutely loved both the presentation and the morself offered by Gallow Green – ramp and goat cheese custard, Carolina rice, and ramp-walnut pesto.  Dare I say it was my favorite bite of the afternoon??


Lucas Confectionary offered fava bean and ramp hummus, with rhubarb and ramp confiture.  I can’t think of fava beans without thinking of The Silence of the Lambs….and a nice chianti.



These little sliders, lovingly crafted by Swoon, were amazing – house-cured bacon, tomato confit, ramp mayo, sauteed ramps on a challah roll:



Savory tart with ramp pesto, pickled ramps, and Parmagiano, presented by Gigi Hudson Valley:



Country terrine with pickeld ramps on a buckwheat crisp, by The Farm on Adderley:



Fresh Company putting the finishing touches on their bluefish with creme fraiche, beets, ramp, and duck skin:


And the meticulously detailed finished product:


Grilled ramp polenta with a goat cheese and ramp pesto tapenade with Hudson Valley Foie Gras smoked duck, by Ca’Mea:



Ramp blini with ramp cured smoked trout and ramp kim chi, by Another Fork in the Road:


I loved this one! I never had ramp kim chi before, and it was amazing.


Last, but certainly not least – for dessert: ramp biscuit topped with ramp strawberry compote and Adirondack Creamery (check out my previous write-up of their seasonal flavors!) vanilla ice cream, presented by Whole Foods Market Albany.



As was the case last year, Ramp Fest 2014 was a delicious excuse to get out of the city on a beautiful spring day.  The food was amazing, the atmosphere casually delightful, and the crowd low-key and friendly.  I’d definitely recommend checking this event out. Will I see you at Ramp Fest 2015??

Have you tried ramps before?

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