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These ice cream sandwiches are sooo mini! I could eat 20. Yum.

Happy Monday, Noshers!!  I know, I know – Mondays can be a bit of a drag.  However, I hope to turn that frown upside down with today’s post, featuring Walkers Shortbread Mini Ice Cream Sandwiches!

If you’ve been following the blog, you’ll know that I am a Walkers Shortbread Blogger Ambassador – and as an Ambassador, I receive classic as well as new Walkers products to sample.  And as an Ambassador, I am able to provide all of you (!) with promo codes each month that allow you free or discounted product!  Here are the details for this month’s code – and this is the last month of my ambassadorship, so make sure you stock up!

  • Code is BASUMMER2014 for 20% off your entire purchase :)
  • Valid through June 28 (this Saturday!!!)

This month, I received the following samples in the Walkers Shortbread line-up:

  • Mini Shortbread Fingers
  • Mini Shortbread Rounds
  • Mini Scottie Dogs

walkers-shortbread-minisThe whole mini collection, as featured on the Walkers Shortbread website – stock up!

The theme this month is “Recipes for Summer Entertaining.”  I was excited to combine my first ice cream recipe from my self-declared “Summer of Ice Cream” with these minis to make Walkers Shortbread Mini Ice Cream Sandwiches!  The end result was seriously cute – teeny tiny ice cream sandwiches (about 1″ across) that could be consumed in a bite – or in my case, 5 bites (for 5 sandwiches…mmmmm).  I used this recipe from David Liebowitz for roasted banana ice cream, which is amazing.  However, feel free to experiment with different ice cream flavors, or use store bought – go ahead, I won’t tell 😉

Walkers Shortbread Mini Ice Cream Sandwiches

(recipe makes 10 mini sandwiches)

  • 20 Walkers Shortbread Pure Butter Mini Shortbread Rounds
  • 1 cup your favorite ice cream

1. Line a baking sheet with wax paper.  Lay out 20 mini shortbread rounds in two rows of 10 each.  Place in the freezer for at least 30 minutes.

2. Using a melon baller and working quickly, scoop 10 mini scoops of ice cream onto one row of the chilled shortbread rounds.  Top with the second row of rounds to make mini sandwiches.

3. Chill the sandwiches for at least another 30 minutes. Serve immediately.

These tiny sandwiches are a hit with kids and kids-at-heart like myself! YUM!

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 FTC Disclosure: As a Walkers Shortbread Blogger Ambassador, I do not receive monetary compensation.  However, I do receive Walkers Shortbread product to sample.  All opinions expressed in this and all blog posts are my own.

What ice cream flavor would you try for your Walkers Shortbread mini ice cream sandwiches?

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