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Happy Monday, Noshers! Today I’m happy to share a few (okay, a lot of) photos from my my favorite foodie event of the year – New York Taste 2014! Featuring chefs from over 40 of NYC’s top restaurants, such as David Bouley, Morimoto, and Marcus Samuelsson, this event is delicious, lively, and so much fun.  You can see the amazing lineup here:


It was amazing to get into the venue space before event officially opened to the public and observe as chefs made last minute adjustments and preparations.  Look at this cavernous space, waiting to be filled with enthusiastic eaters!


 Food was not the only star of the show – there was also a main bar, a wine bar, a beer garden, and much more. I, for one, eased into the evening with some selections from David’s Tea:


With flavors such as apple custard and  bubbie’s baklava, who needs dessert wine – I’ve got “dessert tea”! I tried the baklava flavor, which was delicious and did taste uncannily like baklava. Mmmm.

I next stopped by the Yunnan Kitchen and Little Prince tables, who were competing against each other in a Healthy Dish Challenge:


 Little Prince made a strong showing, with  roasted carrots with burnt honey, yogurt, and almonds:


Yunnan Kitchen also didn’t disappoint, with Uncle Ning’s Red Cooked Chicken:


My eating buddy and I split the vote, with one of us voting for Yunnan Kitchen, and the other for Little Prince. I know, we’re no help at all.


Always a strong supporter of the “eat dessert first” rule, and especially since I was there early before the lines started forming, I made a beeline for High Road Craft Ice Cream.  If you remember from New York Taste 2013, their previous offering of Cinnamon-Cheddar Grilled Brioche with Cortland Apple Butter and High Road Vanilla Fleur de Sel was out. of. this. WORLD.  So I knew they’d have something equally amazing this year:


Not to be disappointed – may I present the South Shore Sundae – sweet roll, caramelized lobster, candied potatoes, and buttered sweet corn ice cream.


I know there might be some skepticism about mixing the savory and sweet, and whether lobster with ice cream was more for the novelty factor than the flavor factor.  But let me put those doubts to rest – this mini ice cream sandwich was AMAZING.  The sweetest part of this dish was the candied potatoes; the ice cream offered more in the areas of luxurious creamy texture.  I ended up having three of these.  And considering this was early in the evening, the fact that I was willing to allocate precious stomach space so generously is saying something.

For the rest of my stops, I’ll let the photos speak for themselves – yum! Having satisfied my sweet tooth for the time being, I moved onto Barbuto‘s Duck Liver Pate Crostini with apples and saba:


Betony offered “Acorn Two Ways”:


 Nomad‘s sweet and decadent sweet potato custard with pain d’epices and chestnuts was both savory and dessert-y:


Batard‘s octopus pastrami was a first for me, and I was a fan:


Morimoto was generous with their spicy king crab with tobanjan aioli and micro cilantro:


Now isn’t that a thing of beauty?


Toro‘s bocadillos de erizos looked unassuming, but packed a punch – turns out they were uni sandwiches! I love me some good quality uni:



I loved seeing the Recette team in action, prepping squash espuma with pickled Brussels sprouts:


Bisque and soups were a popular medium this evening – The Elm‘s red kuri squash soup with Parmesan and smoked ham cream was a flavorful, umami  -filled delight!


I appreciated the diversity of textures and flavors of Center Bar‘s lamb shawarma pita with roasted lamb, cucumbers, tomato, red onion, harissa, tapenade and tahini – refreshing, hearty and tangy all in a few bites.



Tao and the Macau Tourism Office partnered to create two dishes – a modern take on Portuguese egg tarts (they reminded me of the traditional version I get from Chinatown – yum!)


As well as Minchi lettuce cups – I think I had more than one of these:


Marcus Samuelsson’s Red Rooster Harlem offered Birdie Cakes with marinated salmon roe and jerk creme fraiche – both visually appealing and absolutely delicious:


Lafayette‘s table was right up my alley – desserts!  And boy were these morsels cute:


Just look at these mini pecan pies!


And the pumpkin spice cream puffs! I’m a sucker for mini foods, I admit it.


The Meatball Shop was an especially popular table, with their Gobble Gobble Turkey Balls with gravy and cranberry sauce.  Thanksgiving in a bite!


A few savories, and now back to the desserts!  Gramercy Tavern‘s apple bar with hickory cream and cranberry jam didn’t disappoint:


I loved the richness of All’onda‘s chicken liver crostini with hazelnuts and shallot confit:



Followed by The Back Room‘s root beer cheesecake parfait.  Why isn’t root beer featured in dishes more often??



I was starting to slow down, so I had to be more judicious about my remaining stomach space! The Monarch Room‘s pork shoulder with grits, smoked paprika and onion made the cut:


As did Talde‘s pretzel pork and chive dumplings.  Chef Talde was manning the table and was super friendly and down-to-earth.  And the dumplings were amazing!


Bouley‘s table offered a kuzu chip with black truffle pate and aligote:


Ganso Ramen‘s braised pork belly “kakuni” with karashi mustard – look at this beauty:



I saw it only fitting to end my eat-stravaganza with two lollipop tables – first was Wallse‘s chocolate lollipops:


And the piece de resistance – Park Avenue Autum‘s miso caramel apples – served right from the tree!  I love the Park Avenue restaurant (they close for a few days each season to completely redo the menu and decor for the next season); the concept isn’t just a novelty, the food is delicious!



Once again, New York Taste had another amazing year full of spectacular food and drink, live music, friendly and talented chefs, and good company.  My mouth literally started watering again just going through my photos – I can’t wait for next year’s event!


Which of the above dishes would you most love to try?

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