Big Apple Nosh got a makeover!



Oh happy day, Noshers!

If you’re a regular visitor to the Big Apple Nosh blog, you *may* notice a blog redesign.  Yup, that’s right! After 5 years of my previous design (and 6 years of blogging total!), I decided to treat this lil ol’ blog to a face lift! I’m loving the fresh clean look, and I hope you’re a fan too! Have a peek around and let me know what you think!

Content wise, there will also a few changes here and there – I’ve been dabbling a little beyond my usual posts to include not only food, but my thoughts on beauty, fitness/health, and life in general.  Trust me, I’m very much a beauty products and fitness novice (I’m the klutziest person I know!), so I’m writing about these things from an “everygirl” perspective – be prepared for some laughs (at my expense) and hi-jinks along the way :).  And of course, I’ll still be taking a ton of pictures and writing about my first love, FOOD.

If you prefer to read only about some of these topics, just click on the menu bar up top to filter my posts.  And if you’re reading this right now in email form because you’re an email subscriber, what are you waiting for?  Pop on over to the blog so you can check out the new layout!

See you….here!


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    June 30, 2016 at 11:08 am

    Love the new look and looking forward to all of your “non foodie” posts!

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