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Happy Wednesday, Noshers! Today I’m happy to share my recap of a fun beauty event I attended last week at Macy’s Town Center Plaza in Leawood!  Featuring Chanel cosmetics and skincare products and hosted by Chanel rep/guru Rance and Macy’s cosmetics department sales manager Blake, the event was “All About Eyes” – teaching us how to do a dramatic eye.  I’m a huge fan of trying all sorts of skincare products but admit I’m a bit of a novice when it comes to eye makeup. Multiple times I’ve tried doing a “smoky eye” for a party or wedding, and well…it just looks like a regular eye. So I was eager to get started! 



During the event, we learned that the Macy’s Town Center Plaza location in Leawood is the only Macy’s in the area that carries Chanel cosmetics and skincare products, so if after reading my recap you’re tempted to do some retail therapy, definitely check them out :). I haven’t had much exposure to Chanel brand cosmetics, so I was really surprised and impressed with what a difference their high-quality products made (and nope, I’m not being paid to say this, ha!).  Their eye pencil was suuuuper soft and smooth, making it easy to use even for a total klutz like me, and their mascara + primer made my sparse little lashes actually look good! Wow!  But I’m getting ahead of myself here…

chanel-macys-5We talked briefly about color (yep, no “u” in the word for this American!) theory, and I learned that my brown eyes kinda go with a lot of different colors.  Win!


And boy were there a lot of colors to choose from! Despite my apparently versatile eyes, I went with a pretty safe option – the warm gold and brown palette on the bottom left. I didn’t want to get too crazy.  For my blush, I was paired with “Jersey”, which I found highly appropriate.


I had my creme shadow, powder shadow, mascara, lash primer, eyeliner, and brush – who said beauty was easy? 😉 Now I was ready to go.


My attempt at a dramatic eye – what do you think? I know, it could be more dramatic – but I guess I’m just a drama-free gal! 🙂


In addition to eye makeup technique, we also had the opportunity to sample Chanel’s extensive skincare line and facial make-up.  I looooved their Hydra Beauty Gel and Gel Creme. Moisturizing without being over oily – a necessity for my combination skin.  Bonus that they both smelled amazing!


After hydrating, we finished off with an application of Chanel CC cream (applied after eye makeup in case you have any shadow mishaps – a very real possibility in my case!), blush, pressed powder and lip color – gloss for me because again…makeup novice.  And here’s the finished result…



I’m pretty happy with the end result, even if my plans after were to go home and eat Chipotle while sitting on the couch (woooo!).  I definitely learned some great eye makeup techniques from Rance that I’ll be putting to good use next time my eyes need a little oomph!

Overall, this was a super fun event with great hosts (thanks Chanel and Macy’s Town Center Plaza!), awesome company, and really amazing products! Here’s a list of the products I tried that night – I wanted them all!


Cosmetics – Face

Cosmetics – Eyes

Lipcolor – Chanel Levres Scintillantes – unfortunately, I forgot which shade I used. I love glosses though – they allow for a large margin of error 🙂

There you go!  If you end up trying these products, be sure to let me know what you think! 🙂 Happy shopping!


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