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jini-beauty-july-1True story – when I was little, I was a sucker for toy commercials (I mean, what kid isn’t?) and even more so – magazine ads and circulars featuring toys and offers.  Ever optimistic, I would circle things I wanted in the Sears catalog or point out special deals to my parents (“hey mom – this toy WAS $19.99 but if we order right now it’s only $14.99!”).  One thing that I still remember wanting was a $9.99 “Mystery Box” that was guaranteed to have over 100 toys in it.  100 toys! I mean, come on – who can resist that? My young brain never made the leap to the thought that a 10-cent toy would probably have little appeal or quality, but when I was that age I definitely valued quantity over quality.  A 10-cent toy? Meh. How about 100 of them? Now you’re talking!

As you might have guessed, my parents knew better and didn’t purchase this mystery-box-of-useless-trinkets for me, but I must say that the appeal of mystery boxes has not diminished.  So unsurprisingly, one of the package delivery highlights for me every month is my Jini Beauty subscription box. As a huge step up from the mystery box I wished for in my childhood, each monthly Jini Beauty box contains ~5 Korean beauty/skincare products that I’m excited to receive and psyched to try out!

Taking a step back, I first was introduced to Korean/Asian skincare products a few years ago when I first traveled to Asia.  Even though I’m Asian, obviously, Asian skincare regimens and products were (and still are, quite honestly) a big mystery to me.  Growing up, I learned one of the most important tenets of skincare – that sun damage is real, and prevention is much preferred to treatment (Sunscreen was always present in our house, and my friends still rib me when we’re on vacation and I whip out my SPF 100+!). However, the multiple products, key ingredients, masks, formulations, and processes were all new.  I don’t claim to know much more about this stuff than I did a few years ago, but one of the fun things about the Jini Beauty box each month I get to try new products, and in doing so learn a little bit more about this whole different world. It’s pretty fun, I must admit!

I’ve been subscribing to Jini Beauty for a few months now, and I figure it’s about time I share the contents of my monthly shipments with you all!  I order a “normal/combination” box  – they also offer dry/mature, oily/acne, and sensitive/troubled, and each box is customized for that particular skin type.  I’ll be coming back and sharing my thoughts on each product but as a sneak preview, here’s what I got in July:

1. Elizavecca Milky Piggy Carbonated Bubble Clay Mask


Ummm, look at that little piggy on the packaging!  Apparently this carbonated mask is a Korean beauty cult classic – I’m guessing it’s tingly, but we shall see!  The mask is supposed to cleanse, refine, and tighten pores, removing dirt and sebum.  I can’t wait to give this one a try!

2. Hanyul Rice Essential Skin Softener (the little peach bottle in the top photo)
This toner is made of fermented Yeoju rice (yep, I don’t know either!) and is supposed to soften, brighten and add moisture.

3. Laneige Water Bank Gel Cream (the little blue tube)
Friends who are super into Asian beauty products seem to love Laneige, so I’m interested to try out this gel cream that is infused with 6 minerals.  Additionally, the gel consistency is meant to provide lightweight hydration for summer.  I pretty much melt in anything over 80 degrees, so this could be especially useful for me :D.

4. Papa Recipe Bombee Honey Mask
I loooooove sheet masks.  And if you don’t, I’m pretty sure it’s because you haven’t tried them yet.  Yes, you may look a little like the star of a horror movie when you’re wearing one, but every one that I’ve tried makes my skin look and feel awesome and has an amazing fragrance.  I usually like to buy a whole bunch and use them several times a week.  I can’t be the only one who likes some sheet mask quality time paired with some Netflix.  This Bombee Honey mask is supposed to replenish and rejuvenate, and I bet the honey fragrance is deeelish.

5. Etude House Missing U Hand Cream in Panda (Peach) or Pink Dolphin (Peony)


HOLD THE PHONE IT’S A PINK DOLPHIN! The packaging for this hand cream puts all random sample tubes thrown in my bag to shame.  I mean, come on – it’s a pink dolphin holding a peony, what??  I need to get the Panda one too now.  I can’t wait to throw this one in my bag – stay tuned for a future post with more of my super serious thoughts on this product.

So that’s my July beauty box!  I’ll be coming back with shorter posts reviewing each of these products – I can’t wait to get started!  If this looks like fun to you (and trust me, it is), I’d suggest you consider checking out a Jini Beauty subscription.  A month-to-month subscription is $24.95, with savings for signing up for multiple months (I signed up for a 6-month subscription to start and plan to renew when it’s over!).  Come by and give me a shout if you sign up – I can’t wait to hear your thoughts on it!

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