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Would you like a grape macaron? How about a green apple macaron?  If you’re a French macaron fan like myself (I like to think I was a fan of them before they were cool…and were subsequently knocked off the “cool” pedestal by doughnuts and cupcakes), I’m guessing your answer is yes.  But take a closer look – do these cookies look a little different to you? Well, your sharp eye does not fool you – these aren’t actually French macarons, they are….


MACARON LIP BALM, by It’s Skin, a Korean beauty brand!! Ahhh!  Like many of my Sephora purchases, these tiny lip balms were staring at me while I waited in line to pay for my purchases.  I know I’m not the only one to go into Sephora for one thing and walk out with 5 things I didn’t know I needed, right?

After debating between grape or green apple, I decided I absolutely needed both.


Both lip balm flavors featured a fun and light scent and intense hydration without feeling tacky or greasy.  The lip balms don’t offer a color tint, so if you wear lip pencil or lipstick, these minis shouldn’t distort the color (I don’t wear lip color because I’m lazy, ha!).  I keep one in each of the two bags I use most often, I’m putting them to good use.

My only disappointment is that there are apparently two more “flavors” available – and I haven’t tried them yet! I might have to do some online shopping to fulfill that need.

macaron-lipbalm-itsskin-1If you’re looking for a surprisingly high quality lip balm with super cute packaging, I’d definitely recommend the It’s Skin Macaron Lip Balm, available at Sephora.  Give it a try, and let me know what you think!

And because I was bored…

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