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Last weekend, I had the opportunity to visit EMP Summer House in East Hampton.  EMP is the more casual summer pop-up of Eleven Madison Park, with a relaxed atmosphere and seasonally inspired menu.  This is the second year of EMP Summer House – I visited last year as well and was curious to see how year two compared!

The complimentary transportation to and from was a nice touch:


We started with the corn, Parmesan & truffle flatbread:


The flatbread was super thin and crispy, and the generous Parmesan and truffle shavings complemented the sweet summer corn beautifully.

We also ordered the squid with chili & fennel:


I didn’t know that the squid would be prepared in a creamy sauce – but I *love* creamy sauces, so this was a much-welcomed surprise!

We capped off the starters with the fluke ceviche with cucumber and lime:


Hidden underneath that cucumber sprinkled with chili salt were generous portions of fluke – so fresh and yummy.

While I was considering the ribeye for two…for one (haha) for my main, I decided to be reasonable and ordered the other beef option – bone marrow & brioche-crusted tenderloin with basil and summer squash:


I hereby declare that everything in life should be brioche-crusted.

I treated myself to two mocktails as well – this gal loves her mocktails, and the ones at EMP didn’t disappoint (though I wish they had come in a rose gold garden gnome, as I witnessed for another drink!

I started with the gingered-ale – ginger, lime, demerara and sparkling and sparkling mineral water:


Super gingery and spicy, and not too sweet – just how I like my ginger ale.

As well as the Peter Piper – pineapple, black pepper, pickled passion fruit and lime:


This was sweet and SPICY. I loved it!

You didn’t think I’d end the meal without dessert, did you? There were some pretty amazing options to choose from (I ordered the milk & honey last year, and it was SO GOOD), but this was calling my name:


With a scoop each of vanilla, chocolate and strawberry ice cream and a smorgasbord of toppings, this was pretty much a gal’s dream come true:

Some pre-toppings fun – the strawberry flavor was unreal!




As we wound down the evening, a last surprise was waiting for us in the car home – a container of Eleven Madison Park’s signature granola for breakfast the next morning.  This is seriously the best granola I’ve ever had – so much so that I found the recipe online and made it myself last year 🙂

EMP Summer House is open through September 22nd, so if you find yourself in the area over the next few weeks, definitely try to stop by! There’s also a more casual outdoor area with an informal menu and lawn games. Fun!

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    August 24, 2018 at 8:26 pm

    I dreamt of that sundae last evening, and it was a very good dream.

  • Reply
    August 26, 2018 at 8:38 pm

    I’ve been to EMP itself a few times, although never to the pop-up, but OMG. The tasting menu is like an amazing magical food journey and I will pretty much eat anything that Daniel Humm thinks I ought to. The man is a genius.

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