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Re-Cap: Ramp Fest 2014!

June 12, 2014 By: Serena Category: Events


Ramp and goat cheese custard, Carolina rice, and ramp-walnut pesto by Gallow Green

Happy Thursday, Noshers! I am so glad that the warm weather is FINALLY here!  I thought this time of year would never come.  I hope it stays; if not…I don’t even know what. I already packed up my winter clothes (ah, the joys of a tiny NYC closet), so I am committed to these balmy temperatures.

Last month, I had the pleasure of attending Ramp Fest 2014 in Hudson, NY.  You may remember that I attended Ramp Fest 2013, which was amazing – so I was so excited to make the day trip up again this year!

Once again, the festival was held at the beautiful Basilica Hudson – I love this space!  My eating buddy and I thought it would make an excellent wedding venue – any fellow Noshers out there want to get married and invite me?? :) (more…)

Re-Cap: Dinner with Ted Allen at Pok Pok Ny, hosted by Pepcid and

May 06, 2014 By: Serena Category: Events, Thai


Happy Tuesday, Noshers!  I’m SO glad that the weather is finally warming up – it certainly is about time.  Today I’m stopping in with a recap of a dinner with Ted Allen I attended a few weeks ago, hosted by Pepcid and  Thanks to this little bloggy-blog, I actually had met Ted previously (I’m on a first name basis with him….I don’t know if he is with me…), and it was fun to interact with him once more!  Plus, I have been wanting to try Pok Pok Ny for aaaages – so this was the perfect opportunity.

Excuse the grainy phone camera pics…. (more…)

Event: Ramp Fest 2014 – This Weekend!

April 28, 2014 By: Serena Category: Events

Ramp_Fest_2013-21Delicious goodness from last year’s Ramp Fest

Hello Noshers!

Happy Tuesday, on this last lovely day of April!  With the heralding of warmer days comes one of my favorite seasonal farmer’s market buys – the aromatic and flavorful ramp.  I’m super excited to share with you an event I will be attending this Saturday – Ramp Fest 2014.  I attended Ramp Fest 2013 (see my picture-heavy recap here) and it was absolutely mouth-watering!! (more…)

Recap: New York Taste 2013!

November 20, 2013 By: Serena Category: Events


NEW YORK TASTE!!! One of my favorite events to cover every year – with over 40 chefs from amazing NYC restaurants, the evening was a food-fan’s dream come true.  I was lucky enough to cover the 2013 event last week (my third time attending NY Taste!), and I’m super excited to share a recap with you.  Warning – tons of pictures ahead. You’re okay with that, right? I thought so.  Let’s get started!

As you can see below, I had a ton of eating ahead of me: (more…)

Recap: NYC Wine & Food Festival Weekend!

October 24, 2013 By: Serena Category: Events

Progresso_Artisan_NYCWFF-20I’m not a supermarket extraordinaire, I just play one on tv.

Not that I’m complaining, but I can’t believe it’s Thursday already – this week flew by for me! I’m still living off the excitement of attending the NYC Wine & Food Festival this past weekend (check out my Chicken Coupe recap from yesterday).  While I’m super exhausted and see a long weekend nap in my future, it was SO MUCH fun.  What made it the most fun of all was attending the festival as a Progresso Artisan Ambassador as well as courtesy of Buick!  I had some great chef celebrity sightings, met some truly fabulous fellow Ambassador/bloggers (hello Food And the City, Beauty and the Feast, Nutmeg Nanny, and NYC Talon!), and made some silly faces for random giveaways.  While I might not have won a trip to Napa, I ate a ton – so almost even Stevens…right?  For a few highlights, keep reading… (more…)

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