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SuperBowl Eats – What Will You Be Making?

Cooking / Eating In

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Who doesn’t like a good bacon weave?

Happy FRIDAY, Noshers!  Wow.  Are you guys excited for the Super Bowl?  I admit I’m not the biggest sports person (those that know me would say that’s a HUGE understatement), but if there’s anything I like it’s the excuse to make tons of food.  All right, we’re having a teeny tiny party (read – 2 people, 1 dog) but making way too much food runs in my family – just ask my Mom.  I figure if there’s once a year when I can make lots of food that I would normally never make, it would be the once a year (more or less) I watch football….right?

In the past few years, I’ve really been trying to eat healthier – shopping around the perimeter of the grocery store versus buying more processed foods, and my edited grocery shopping habits have made me feel a lot better! Don’t get me wrong – I like a good fancy cheese and charcuturie plate as much as the next person, but overall I’ve gotten used to the idea of eating more whole, fresh foods.  So, this weekend is a bit of a departure in that a lot of these dishes I’m trying out aren’t exactly “perimeter ingredient” recipes (and full disclosure – I usually don’t make football-shaped foods), but no time like this weekend to try them, right?  Soooo without further ado – I’ll be attempting these recipes this weekend: Continue Reading

Stay Warm Eats – What’s on your stove?

Cooking / Eating In

Brrrr – the weather outside is indeed frightful!  The snow is coming down hard here in Kansas City, and I hear my NYC noshers will be seeing snow this weekend.  I’ve spoken to several people who are busy cooking for this weekend – chili, soup, and pasta are popular choices.  I made a big batch of chicken egg drop matzo ball soup last night – and it is DELISH!  What will you be cooking to stay warm this weekend?

Recipe: Yogurt Berry Popsicles

Cooking / Eating In


I recently added Zoku Molds to my kitchen gadget collection – as a result, I’ve made a few popsicle concoctions.  One of my favorite creations thus far has been these berry yogurt popsicles.  The Greek yogurt makes them taste super decadent (even though I use fat-free yogurt!), you can vary the berries based on what’s on sale or in season (I use frozen berries a lot), and you can also control the sugar/honey quantity.  Finally, the mint adds a refreshing highlight – and using it allows me to justify having a fledgling, floundering herb garden on my balcony. My only gripe is that my pop mold only makes 4 pops, though that is no fault of the recipe. What do you think – should I invest in another popsicle mold??

Anyway, if you’re also a homemade popsicle fan, give these a try. They are delicious!

You will need: Continue Reading

Tea Time

Cooking / Eating In


My love affair with tea was not sudden and intense.  When I was a kid, I thought it was the ultimate beverage tease – it smells delicious, tastes like…water?  Since then I guess my palate has refined a bit, as I now thoroughly appreciate the subtle depth and hints of flavor that a well-brewed cup or pot of tea offers.  I make myself a cup to start my workday, and often wind down at night with an herbal blend.  I drink my tea plain, with no cream, sugar or lemon to distract me.   During the summer months, I would often brew a big pot and chill it in the fridge for some super strong iced tea. I will always loooove coffee, but tea is something I have at least once a day.

My current stash is sourced from several places, including my Fortnum & Mason purchase during a trip to London, some delicious blends from Fauchon, a hibiscus tea from The Republic of Tea, and some wonderfully fragrant loose leaves from Palais des Thés.  I’m always looking for new additions to my collection though – any suggestions?

Are you a tea fan? What are your favorite types of tea?