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MUD Coffee

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Happy Hump Day! Cheers to making it through half the week. We’re almost there!  I admit it’s been a hectic two weeks – the other day, I remarked to a coworker – “It’s been a long week,” to which she responded “…you know it’s only Tuesday, right?” Le sigh.

ANYHOO, I recently stopped by an old favorite – MUD Coffee, where I got this delish iced almond milk latte.  MUD started out as the MUD truck parked in Astor Place, where I’d stop by between classes back in college.  It has since expanded from truck to storefront, but the product and vibe still remain top-notch. Check it out if you’re ever in the East Village area!

What’s your favorite iced drink? Do you do “regular” milk or a milk alternative? (I’m always looking for suggestions 🙂 )


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I recently stopped by Tacombi, a super-casual and cute Mexican restaurant in the West Village  (there are locations throughout NYC, actually – with each one decorated slightly differently!).  The indoor/outdoor setup of this place makes it perfect for summer dining and happy hour.  My eating buddy and were seated and perused the menu, where you selected your choices with a golf pencil (is it just me or does holding one of those pencils make you feel like a giant?). Continue Reading

Bluestone Lane

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Over the past few years, Australian coffee culture has made its way to the states – and along with that, some solid brunch and cafe options. One of these gems is Bluestone Lane, whose locations are popping up all around NYC (and the West Coast…and Pennsylvania, apparently!).  Bluestone Lane offers an extensive coffee and beverage menu, and its cafes are a solid brunch choice.  I recently visited the West Village cafe, which was packed! Thankfully (for everyone involved because hangry me is um, not super fun), we were able to be seated right away. Continue Reading


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I had first eaten at Celeste years ago, and then promptly forgot its name (I knew the name of the restaurant was a woman’s name, and I kept thinking “Was it Gina? Adrienne’s? Stella?” – all names of *other* restaurants).  So for years, Celeste was in my memory as “That Italian restaurant on the Upper West Side with good Italian food and a woman’s name that only takes cash.”  I fortunately found my way back to Celeste recently, and it was as good as I remembered. Continue Reading

Captain’s Restaurant in Mykonos

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Before I made my visit to the Greek Islands (Santorini and Mykonos, specifically), I told myself that I was going to eat ALL THE SEAFOOD.  And Greek yogurt (or is it just called yogurt there?). And Greek salad. And taramosalata/tarama (for the uninitiated, it is fish roe dip. Don’t knock it till you’ve tried it because it’s amazing). I’m a woman of my word, and sure enough I ate myself silly on the Mediterranean diet.  For better or for worse, at each meal out we kind of ordered the same menu – Greek salad (with a ton of feta obviously), olives, taramosalata, and fresh seafood.  Our order was no different at Captain’s, a seaside restaurant we happened upon in Mykonos.

Yes, Captain’s has a menu in both Greek and English, which may turn some people off, but we gave it a go anyway – and we weren’t disappointed.

First, the Greek salad: Continue Reading