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Happy Thanksgiving!



How I’ll  be feeling later today 😉

Happy Thanksgiving, everyone!  I snapped the above shot of the Pillsbury dough boy at last year’s Macy’s Thanksgiving Day parade (we’re pretty close to the parade route).  While we’re skipping the parade this morning to volunteer at our local senior center instead, last night we watched all the balloons get inflated – which I actually think is more fun than watching the parade! And later today, I’ll be ready to stuff myself silly :). What about you?

Summer in The City



I was recently chatting with a friend about the amazing weather we’ve been having here in NYC, and I said “Summer is really what makes the city magical…  OH and holiday season in the winter.  Oh and fall and Central Park, too.  And that first day of spring weather!”  What can I say, I just love living here.  Yes, there are crowds, high prices, and weird “only in New York” things – but I think it’s the only in New York things that make me love this city the most.  What’s your favorite thing about NYC?

In which I wax poetic about a potted plant




succulent-1Why yes, I am in fact going to write a whole schpiel about a $5.99 succulent plant.

This is not just any plant though – this is a plant from one of my favorite flower/ plant places in the world – Trader Joe’s (my other favorite place to buy flowers or plants is the corner bodega. Any corner bodega will do). See, I kinda have the opposite of a green thumb – plants see me and preemptively wilt in proactive surrender. I’ve even had fake plants give up (a mischievous pet might have played a role). That, plus the fact that cut flowers eventually wither, which makes me sad, causes me to gravitate toward TJs or the bodega. Not only are the flowers well-priced, but they are hearty! And I don’t feel so sad when they meet their eventual demise.

I saw this little pink succulent during my weekly TJs visit, standing out proudly in a sea of its mint-shaded brethren. I knew it had to come home with me. When I checked out, the friendly cashier (and they are always friendly) squealed in delight and we both raved at the little plant’s beauty. She said she hoped they would receive more because she wanted one just like it. I carefully carried it home, taking care not to trip over my feet as a klutz like myself is wont to do. It’s just sitting pretty on my windowsill now, brightening up the room.

Flowers, man. They’re kinda magical.

October Howloween Barkbox!



Happy HOWLOWEEN, Noshers!! Today I’m happy to share our October BarkBox, which is, of course, Halloween themed!  I had previous written about our September Barkbox, a gift from Toby’s friend Buddy.  Buddy shared the love once again this month, but I told Toby that the subsequent boxes would have to go back to Buddy – we don’t want to make frenemies!  As mentioned with our first Barkbox, this super-cute monthly subscription box service surprises your furry friend with toys, treats and other goodies. As you can see, Toby was being a good boy sitting next to his box, but he really wanted to dig in! And could you blame him – look at what we received this month: Continue Reading

Apple Picking at Alldredge Orchards!



H-apple-y Monday, Noshers!  How was your weekend?  We had a pretty good one – we went apple picking!  It was one of the last weekends to pick apples (and we were forewarned that the apples left to pick were “challenging”) – for some reason, October really got away from me.  We really wanted to bring our pup Toby along, so we were happy to find Alldredge Orchards.

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