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Kansas City Restaurant Week: Grand Street Cafe

Eating Out


Hello, Noshers!  Today, I continue my foray into KC Restaurant Week with some photos from my dinner at Grand Street Cafe last week.  Incongruously tucked away into a generic mid-rise office building (seriously, it’s bizarre), Grand Street Cafe offers an extensive American menu.  We started off with what seems to be pretty popular these days – bread with a bean/chick pea dip in place of butter: Continue Reading

Kansas City Restaurant Week: Tavern at Mission Farms

Eating Out

tavern-at-mission-farms (4 of 7)

Last week was restaurant week here in Kansas City, and boy did I take advantage of that! With 3-course dinners priced at $33 and lunches priced at $15 (and with proceeds of restaurant week going to charity!), this was a pretty good deal.  We visited four restaurants and partook in the restaurant week menu for three of them – the fourth restaurant had a ribeye off the RW menu, and well… I can’t resist a good ribeye.  I’ll be posting a few of my favorite restaurant week dishes here on the lil’ ole’ blog for your reading and viewing pleasure.

The first restaurant we visited was Tavern at Mission Farms, serving classic American fare in a modern setting.: Continue Reading

Kansas City: Urban Table (American)

Eating Out


As I’ve mentioned before, the breakfast options in Kansas City do not disappoint.  While every city has its hits and misses, I have lucked out pretty well in the brunch department here.  Additionally, many of the restaurants here take reservations, and even the ones that don’t often lack the 2 hours waits that I’ve become accustomed to in NYC (is it sad that I am sometimes nostalgic for those insane weights?). One of the standouts I’ve found so far is Urban Table, located right outside KC in Prairie Village, Kansas.  By the way, I was at first intrigued by the fact that I crossed state lines so effortlessly here, then I remembered that I did that all the time while in NYC, where I lived, and NJ, where I grew up.  Pretty much the same deal, right?

Urban Table is about twenty minutes from my place, so the times I’ve gone, I call to make a reservation right when I leave the house, for half an hour later. Easy peasy!

You can see the menu is extensive but not overwhelming: Continue Reading

DailyBuzz Food Outreach: Panera Bread Soups

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I was first introduced to Panera Bread years ago.  My mom,  who was actually the one who turned me on to it, used to work near the local Panera and it was a favorite lunch option for her and her coworkers.  If there’s anyone who has an eye for good food at a good value it’s a group of working moms, so I knew I had to try it out.   I was impressed by their hot and cold sandwiches, breakfast items and baked goods – oh, the baked goods!  So I was  excited when the first Panera Breads started opening up around NYC.  And, I was super excited when DailyBuzz Food gave me the opportunity to sample Panera’s new soups!

Armed with a ravenous appetite, I checked out the soup options at Panera with two eating buddies.

Continue Reading