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Kansas City: Cupcake A La Mode (Bakery)

Eating Out


Well stick a fork in me and call me basic, because this girl friggin’ LOVES cupcakes.  I know, I know – the cupcake craze started years ago, and some might say has since been out-shined by the doughnut craze, the cold brew craze, the [insert artisan handcrafted food here] craze – and don’t get me wrong, I will gladly eat/drink all of these things.  But to me, there’s nothing quite like the satisfaction of a travel-sized, portioned-for-one, perfect-frosting-to-cake-ratio cupcake.  In NYC, I relied heavily on Magnolia (two blocks from my building in NYC – dangerous!!), Sprinkles, and Sugar Sweet Sunshine.  Here in KC, I’ve discovered Cupcake A La Mode

I admit I’m a bit of a purist when it comes to cupcakes – my absolute favorite is vanilla cake with vanilla buttercream frosting. Some may call that boring; I just say – a combination so simply perfect needs no embellishment.  So, I was pleasantly surprised with the PB&J cupcake (bottom left) that was calling my name. Um, peanut butter frosting? Yes please.  Equally delicious (though second to the PB&J) was the vanilla cake with chocolate frosting. Sign me up. Yum.

Cupcake A La Mode has a multitude of cupcake flavors, and I’ve only tried a few.  Obviously, I have my work cut out for me.  For the sake of blog integrity, yes, I will go back and try the other flavors and report back. You’re welcome!

Cupcake A La Mode
4639 Wornall Rd
Kansas City, MO 64112
(816) 960-1911

Cafe: Pan de Sal

Eating Out

Pan de Sal



The other day, I was walking around Gramercy with a few eating buddies when we happened upon a quaint and cozy cafe called Pan de Sal.  A quick glimpse through the picture windows revealed brightly colored walls and the thing that was a dealmaker for me – an extensive cupcake and dessert spread!  In the name of research, of course, I had to stop in and see what all this dessert was about….

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Dessert: Levain Bakery

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I’m just going to go ahead and say it – Levain Bakery’s chocolate chip cookies are the best I’ve had. Ever. I mean, look at the ratio of gooey chocolate to dough in that picture.  Is there really any debate?

“Chocolate chip cookie” is a loose term often used to describe anything from bland dough with a morsel wedged in…somewhere, to the work of art that is the Levain cookie.  Weighty, dense yet airy, and chock-full of walnuts, chocolate chips, peanut butter chips or raisins, a Levain cookie can be a meal, a late night binge, a hearty breakfast if you will.  I sampled the oatmeal raisin:

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