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Recipe: Roasted Peach Parfait

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It’s the end of summer – time to break out the puffer vests and sweaters!  Or at least, it should be.  It appears that Mother Nature didn’t get the memo, as this past weekend was in the 80s here in NYC (not that I’m complaining AT ALL).  One of the benefits of this late summer is seeing produce that would usually be long gone by now at the farmer’s market.  I recently picked up some white peaches and decided to roast and parfait them up.  As a certain loveable donkey in Shrek once said, parfaits are delicious!   This parfait is great for a lazy weekend brunch, or even a “healthy” dessert (not gonna lie, the butter and sugar isn’t exactly super healthy but it sure makes it amazing).

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Recipe: Walkers Shortbread Ginger Citrus Parfait

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Walkers-Shortbread-Parfait-2Heeeeey, Noshers!  Did you miss me?  I sure missed all of you!  I’m super excited to be able to start blogging a bit more regularly going forward, especially as the weather gets warmer and spring and summer food events kick off!  Today, I’m happy to pop in as a Walkers Shortbread Blogger Ambassador and share both a super simple, decadent recipe AND a discount code so you can try the recipe out for yourself!

As an Ambassador, I receive classic as well as new Walkers products to sample.  And as an Ambassador, I am able to provide all of you (!) with promo codes each month that allow you free or discounted product!  Here are the details for this month’s code: Continue Reading

Refrigerator Oats!

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Refrigerator_Oats-3 It is sweltering in NYC these days. Simply sweltering!  I was hopeful that the periodic thunderstorms would cool things down a bit, but all they seem to do is increase mugginess.  Let me tell you, there’s nothing quite like the aroma of a crowded, non-air conditioned subway car in the morning.  Ew.

Such balmy climates call for a cool and refreshing breakfast.  Don’t get me wrong, I haven’t given up my favorite breakfast combo of french toast and bacon – but I can’t have that every day, can I? Or rather – I shouldn’t.   That’s when I turned to a super-easy, healthy and dessert-like alternative – refrigerator oats!

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Breakfast: Oatmeals

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The Elvis – oatmeal with honey, peanut butter, banana and bacon. YES PLEASE.

If you follow me on Instagram, you’ll know that I’m a bit obsessed with these little shop in the West Village called Oatmeals.  Oatmeals specialized in, you guessed it – pancakes (haha just kidding).  But not just any oatmeal – super crazy delicious concoctions!  We’re talking savory, sweet, cheese, meats, if you dream it, they’ll make it.  I pass by this place quite often, and when I feel like treating myself I will get a “baby bear” sized oatmeal for breakfast (yes, they follow the bear-sized system of ordering).

Oatmeals features steel-cut oats, aka pinhead oats, aka Irish Oats.  I much prefer this variety as I find it somehow heartier – if you have never tried steel-cut oats before, you are missing out!  You can create your own oatmeal masterpiece or order from their pretty extensive menu of sweets and savories.   I usually just order from the menu because I figure they know what they’re doing.  And they do!  Some of my favorites have been:

Dulce de Leche Cheesecake – graham crackers, whipped ricotta, dulce de leche drizzle, cinnamon, brown sugar,  and whipped cream:

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