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Casual: FoodParc – CLOSED

Eating Out

I’ll admit it – eating out in a group is sometimes a big pain.Β  You’ve got diversity of palates and appetites, different price points, and the dreaded awkward multi-person bill split at the very end (please don’t tell me that I’m the only one who has handed a waiter 7 people’s credit cards before).Β  We do it because it’s great to catch up with friends, or you’re eating with coworkers, or well, it’s just more fun to eat with others.

Well, the recently opened FoodParc, a casual dining option in Chelsea, addresses those issues.Β  With four different food areas (burgers, Chinese, Italian and cafe) and a unique and simple ordering system, FoodParc offers superb quality at affordable prices. I recently created my own four-course meal at FoodParc, including that mouth-watering burger above. What else did I devour? Keep reading…

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