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Recipe: Chile Verde

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So I think by now you know I looove kitchen gadgets – sieve? Sweet! Silpat? Sign me up.  One appliance that I had been neglecting was my brandy-new slow cooker.  There it was on the top shelf of the kitchen cabinet, woefully biding its time.  My feelings towards it were four-fold:

1. I LOVE kitchen gadgets.
2. But I don’t know what to cook in a slow cooker.
3. Well, I can learn.
4. But it takes up space. (My motto for 2011 – no appliances that make only one thing!  Ok, no more appliances that make only one thing)

In the end, Points 1 and 3 won out, especially after I saw my friend Cathy’s recipe for Chile Verde. I followed her recipe to the word except for some toppings at the end and some creative ingredient substitution.

You will need:

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