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DailyBuzz Food Outreach: Panera Bread Soups

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I was first introduced to Panera Bread years ago.  My mom,  who was actually the one who turned me on to it, used to work near the local Panera and it was a favorite lunch option for her and her coworkers.  If there’s anyone who has an eye for good food at a good value it’s a group of working moms, so I knew I had to try it out.   I was impressed by their hot and cold sandwiches, breakfast items and baked goods – oh, the baked goods!  So I was  excited when the first Panera Breads started opening up around NYC.  And, I was super excited when DailyBuzz Food gave me the opportunity to sample Panera’s new soups!

Armed with a ravenous appetite, I checked out the soup options at Panera with two eating buddies.

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Korean: KorTako

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Big Apple Nosh


So fusion has been all the rage in food these days and years, hasn’t it? We have Mexican sushi, Japanese burritos, Korean Chinese food, Japanese Italian – the list goes on and on.  When KorTako opened in my neighborhood, I knew I had to try it out for several reasons:

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American: Crif Dogs

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Every once in a while, I come across an oldie but goodie.  Crif Dogs, a casual hot dog joint that I frequented in my college days, is one of those old friends.  Offering unique hot dog toppings with names such as the Spicy Redneck and the Morning Jersey, Crif Dogs is great for lunch, dinner or that late night snack.  Unfortunately, I didn’t have my camera on me, so I used my good ol’  smart phone – excuse the graininess!  One of the first things you’ll notice is the mural saucily staring back at you:

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Burgers: Shake Shack

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Have you heard of Shake Shack before? It has quite the (good) reputation here in NYC, but being a New Yorker myself, I’m not sure how renowned it is outside of the NY Metro area.   The brainchild of Danny Meyer, the first (and for years, only) “shack” was located in Madison Square Park, with waits up to 2 hours! There’s even a Shack Cam that you can check out before you make your way over there, to see how long the line is.  In the past few years, Shake Shack has opened up several additional locations, the most recent located downtown, woohoo!

Of course, I’ve made several trips there since its opening…

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