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Years ago, during my very first visit to Hawaii, I read about poke (pronounced poh-kay) in my guidebooks (yes, guidebooks – before they were replaced by The Internet!).  Featuring diced raw fish seasoned with ingredients such as soy sauce, scallions, sesame oil, sesame seeds and other accouterments, it was fresh, delicious and not widely available outside of Hawaii.  Whenever I returned to Hawaii, I planned my meals around two things – poke and shave ice.  And all was well with the world.

These days, much to my surprise and delight, poke bowl places are evvvvverywhere.  Some may say that the hype is past its prime, but I for one hope these places stick around.  My neighborhood poke bowl place is in the weekly rotation of “too tired to cook after work, quick and healthy dinner” options.

During my most recent visit to Hawaii (to the island of Kauai to be exact), I picked up this delicious bowl from SushiGirl with cubed raw tuna, cucumber, onion, sea veggies, furikake, sesame oil, and Hawaiian sea salt. It was SO GOOD.  SushiGirl also sold rolls and sushi burritos (I won’t say I wasn’t tempted!), but I’ll always pick a poke bowl if it’s an option.

I’ve seen some buzz around that SushiGirl may have closed – or it may just be relocating? TBD. But I hope next time I make my visit to the Garden Island, it’s around so I can get my SushiGirl poke bowl fix.

Have you jumped on the poke bowl bandwagon?

The Aloha Spirit

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I absolutely love living in NYC, but when the city wears me down I fantasize about moving to Hawaii :). I’ve visited no less than six times and am always looking for an excuse to make a return trip. Each time I visit I fall in love with the beautiful island state a little more. My life is established here on the East Coast, but if somehow things worked out where I had to make a cross-country, cross-ocean move, I would jump at the opportunity.

One of my favorite indulgences when in Hawaii is shave ice (yes, that’s “shave” with no -d) – super fine ice with syrup flavors that are chilled to prevent the dreaded “chunking.” I usually get mango, lilikoi (passion fruit) and guava flavors and add macadamia nut ice cream, sweet adzuki beans if available, and a snow cap (condensed milk) for good measure. When it comes to shave ice, more is more 😉. I usually get shave *at least* every other day when in Hawaii – if not every day. There are a few shave ice places here in NYC, but they aren’t Hawaiian-style, so I’m still on the look-out. This particular one was from Wishing Well Shave Ice in Kauai, and it was oh so good.  Until I return, a girl can dream…

Have you had shave ice before?