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Drive-by Post: Truffle Giveaway on the Marx Foods Site!

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Hey, Noshers!

Quick drive by post here – I just entered to win Italian white Alba truffles from Marx Foods!Β  I absolutely LOVE truffles – yum!

I want truffle ectasy, Don't you? Enter Now!

You want to enter? You totally should!Β  You have until this Sunday!

PS I understand that the more of youΒ  who enter, the less chance IΒ  have to win, but that’s how much I care about you guys!! (No, I’m not getting compensated for this post) πŸ™‚

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Marx Foods Ridiculously Delicious Challenge Winner Announced!

NoshGirl Chef: Wasabi!!


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Mushroom Recipe Challenge Winner Announced!

Porcini Flan with Mushroom Confit

Recipe: Morel Lollipops with Garlic Truffle Aioli

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Psst! Voting is now OPEN!Β  If these morel lollipops made your mouth water, cast your vote here! Thank you! πŸ™‚

Happy Monday! I’m back with yet another mushroom recipe – this time featuring dried morels.Β  Marx Foods is hosting its 3rd annual Morel Recipe Challenge – the task at hand? Create a delectable hors d’oeuvres featuring this mycological delight.Β  For this challenge, I decided to combine four of my favorite hors d’ oeuvres qualities – fried, cheesy, and on-a-stick.Β  Using the dried morels as well as dill pollen also from Marx Foods, I created these Morel Lollipops.Β  As a last minute add-on, I decided to accompany the lollipops with Garlic Truffle Aioli, using truffle sea salt also from Marx Foods. I know if I passed by a tray of these during a cocktail hour, I’d grab two (or five)!

You will need:
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Marx Foods Ridiculously Delicious Challenge Winner Announced!

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Through a super-secret voting process (okay, it’s not that secret, you can read about how it worked here), my recipe for Fresh Wasabi Pasta with Pan-Seared Scallops in Brown Butter Sauce was chosen as the winner of the Ridiculously Delicious Challenge with 11 votes for the WIN! You guys, I am SO excited and thrilled that fellow entrants and the Marx Food judges thought my recipe was droolworthy!Β  And I’m SUPER DUPER excited about the prize – a case of pekin duck breasts,Β  two live geoducks, and a specialty sausage sampler, all three of which I wrote about for my first round entry.

I’d like to thank all of you for cheering me on during the various stages of the competition and keeping me going with such positive, encouraging comments! You guys rock, all of you. I have the best readers! πŸ™‚ Thank you, thank you!

It has been absolutely wonderful working with the cool peeps at Marx Foods (if you follow me on twitter, you’ll know that I can’t eat fake wasabi anymore because of this challenge!), providing me with really awesome ingredients to play around with, from wild mushrooms to rare spices to authentic wasabi.Β  I hope I get the opportunity to work with them again this year!Β  Definitely check them out if you are ever in search of specialty foods – for perishables such as seafood or the like, they can overnight your order from Washington state. And stay tuned for more NoshGirl escapades as I put together recipe magic for the pekin duck breasts and sausage sampler, and figure out the best way to prepare a live geoduck. πŸ˜‰


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Mushroom Recipe Challenge: I Won!!

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The results are official; I won the Mushroom Recipe Challenge sponsored by Marx Foods!

Click here for final results!

I truly want to thank all of you for voting for me during the challenge – I finished with 252 votes!Β  I know many of you Tweeted about it, posted about the contest on Facebook and shared the link with your family and friends.Β  I am so grateful for your support!Β  Thank you, thank you!

As the top finisher, I will be getting three shipments of fresh mushrooms, courtesy of Marx Foods, and I’ll be competing in the “Ridiculously Delicious Contest” in December. The details of the contest are still under wraps, but I’ve been assured by Marx Foods CEO Justin Marx that it will indeed be RIDICULOUS.Β  So stay tuned!