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Taking Questions! Question #3

Eating Out

Welcome to my 3rd post in my Taking Questions series!  Question #3 comes from Lauren of Oh Lordy!. I met Lauren for the first time this past April in New Orleans, and she is just as sweet as can be – definitely check out her blog!  She asks:

What has been your favorite meal when traveling?

Wow, this is a tough one!  As you know, I LOVE food, and I LOVE traveling – so there have been so many memorable meals.  I’d say my absolute favorite meal was in a small village in the Lazio region of Italy:

Yes, this place really exists! (Image Source)

Situated atop a plateau, Civita di Bagnoregio boasted a hearty population of 14 when I visited in 2006.  As I was with 2 other friends, we increased the population by more than 20%!  To get there…

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Taking Questions! Question #2

Eating Out

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Welcome to my 2nd post in my Taking Questions series!  Question #2 comes from Evelyn S, who asks:

“Where in NYC can I get THE BEST baked apple dessert (tart, strudel, pie, cobbler, etc)?”

Photo from Serious Eats

Well, BEST is definitely a matter of opinion, but my favorite dessert in NYC (besides my apple pie – I make an awesome apple pie, if I do say so myself! 😉 ) is the Chausson Aux Pommes from Balzathar Bakery in Soho.  It literally translates into “Apple Slipper,” and is a French equivalent to the American apple turnover.  The one at Balthazar is especially flaky, buttery and full of apple filling – and if you happen to get one fresh out of the oven, you’ll just melt in euphoria.  Add to that the ambiance of this tiny bakery pick-up locale, and you’ve got yourself a winner.  Pick up a Chausson Aux Pommes from Balzathar Bakery and a hot tea, and stroll leisurely along the hidden streets of Soho.  You can thank me later! 🙂

What is your favorite apple dessert? Any recipes to share?

Taking Questions – Question #1!

Eating Out

Last week I opened up the blog to questions, and what great turnout from all of you!  I figure I’d work my way through the list, starting with the very first question from lovely reader Jill!  You might recognize Jill from her participation in NoshGirl Chef #4.  Her question is:

“A question prompted from your post about Laut. What is black rice and where did you first try it?”

Fluke with Blood Orange, Avocado & Black Rice from my meal at má pêche

Great question, Jill!  While many of you have heard of white rice and brown rice, and even wild rice, black rice is a little less common.  Related to brown rice, black rice is is actually blackish-purple in color when cooked and very sticky (or glutinous, as is commonly called in Asian cuisine).  It has a roasted, nutty flavor and is used quite often in Thai, Malaysian or Chinese dishes – often as the main ingredient in sweet desserts!  I don’t remember the first time or place I tried black rice as it was years and years ago – I just “always” (or as far as I remember) knew it existed. One of my favorite Malaysian desserts is pulut hitam – black rice porridge with tapioca  and coconut milk, served hot.  If you ever come across black rice on a menu, definitely give it a try!

Have you had black rice before? Have you heard of it?

Have other questions for me? Ask away!

Taking Questions!

Events / Giveaways / Partnerships

Questions.  Sometimes they pop up out of nowhere (“Where can I get a really delicious red velvet cupcake at 12:37am?”).  Other times I have questions when watching TV – “Does Samantha Brown ever get lonely, even though her job sounds really awesome?” or on the subway (“Should I get an e-reader?”  The answer is yes, I got one on Black Friday).  Satisfying when they are answered, frustrating when not – we’ve all had questions from time to time.

How many cupcakes can I cram into my purse before someone takes notice?

I thought I’d try something new on the blog, and open it up for questions.  They could be silly or serious, about eating or blogging or my favorite cuisine, or taking photos.  Ask away, and I will answer them in an upcoming post(s).  If they are too personal, I won’t (consider yourself warned, ha!). Reeeeeeeeeeeady………….GO!

What questions do you have for me?

Checking out my Blogger of the Week status at Butter Lane

Eating Out

Happy Monday everyone! How was your weekend? NYC had really awesome weather on Saturday – I had to bring my summer clothes back out. Just when I thought I was out, they pull me back in! (Brownie points for anyone who names that quote!).  I had mentioned last week that Butter Lane Cupcakes had named me their Blogger of the Week, so of course I had to check it out.   There I am, holding my official sign 🙂

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