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NoshGirl Chef Challenge #4!

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Wow, thanks to your interest, it’s time for the 4th NoshGirl Chef Challenge! I absolutely love how creative everyone has been – and this month we’ve got some summery secret ingredients!  The contenders are:

From left to right, that’s Home Sweet Hopkins, Latte Love, and Married Up With Wine!

As usual,  two mystery ingredients (oooOOOOooh) are revealed in this post; they will be easy-to-find and  less than $5 each.  Next Monday, I’ll be posting links to all 3 contenders’ creations, and you can vote on the most yummilicious one!  Voting closes Wednesday night.  Thursday morning I’ll announce the big winner of …..wait for it…. 2 authentic NYC black-and-white cookies! YUM!

And the two mystery ingredients are:

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NoshGirl Chef #3: We Have a Winner!

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Happy Thursday! Almost the weeeeekend!

I’d like to give a hearty congrats to the winner of the third NoshGirl Chef ChallengeKatie, of Ruffles & Truffles, impressed voters with her recipe for Blackened Mahi with Strawberry Mango Salsa – with 37 votes! Voters loved Katie’s use of the two mystery ingredients strawberries and black pepper. Congratulations, Katie! Two authentic NYC black-and-white cookies will be making their way to your doorstep!

I would like to thank challengers Amy (Life After Lobster) and Anni (A Room With A View) for their delectable submissions of Sweet and Spicy Strawberry Ribs and Strawberry Grape Focaccia + Perfect Lemonade, respectively! All three the entries got a sizable number of votes – man, this NoshGirl Chef Challenge is really heating up!!

Interested in participating in the next NoshGirl Chef challenge? Email me!

NoshGirl Chef: Battle Strawberry and Black Pepper!

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Happy Monday, everyone!  Voting for the third NoshGirl Chef Challenge is now OPEN! As you may recall, the secret ingredients were strawberries and black pepper – and I love the variety of original entries we got!  Pop on over to their blogs to check out these scrumptious recipes!  Mmm, I do summer fruit!

1. A Room With A View‘s Strawberry Grape Focaccia + Perfect Lemonade

2. Ruffles & Truffles’ Blackened Mahi with Strawberry Mango Salsa

3. Life After Lobster‘s Sweet and Spicy Strawberry Ribs

Check out these creations on each contestant’s blog!  Then comment below to let me know your fave. If you’d prefer to keep your vote private OR if you have problems commenting on this post (wahhh, Blogger), email me with your vote and I’ll count it as well :).  You have until this Wednesday, 11:59PM EDT to vote!  Good luck, challengers!

Interested in participating in a NoshGirl Chef Challenge? Email me!