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Nosh Girl Party: Guilty Treat!

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Happy weekend, Noshers.ย  My week(s) have been a little ridiculous in terms of busy-ness, sorry for the hiatus! ๐Ÿ™ย  I hope to be able to update more regularly.ย  Today I’m stopping by to re-cap the NoshGirl Party we had a few weeks ago – the buzzfood for this party was guilty treat and it was so fun to see what all of you ate!ย  We had attendees from all different states and guests both young and seasoned :).ย  And since every weekend is full of guilty food treats for me, I participated a bunch.ย ย  Check out what everyone ate!

From ivester4o: “Not a super #guiltytreat but a treat nonetheless #noshgirlparty #greanteayums”


From marissamakes: “It’s our tradition to end the work week on a sweet note with cones from @whipndip.ย  My pick today: Chocolate Toffee Pretzel! #NoshGirlParty #guiltytreat #sogood”


A submission from my mom, who doesn’t have Instagram or twitter – “East meets West….steam char siu bao, Walkers Stem Ginger Biscuit, and Trader Joe’s Butter Almond Thins.”ย  I learned how to snack from the best! ๐Ÿ˜‰


From melisahebe: “After school treat: PB & Banana!”


From lyreinlove: “CRONUTS. #anniversaryweekend late entry for the #noshgirlparty”


From cheezplease: “That awkward moment when you realize you got BBQ Pork Rinds instead of Original to go with your Fried Chinese Redbean Donut.ย  And…you’re happy about it. #NoshGirlParty #GuiltyAsFried #SaturdayBreakfastOfChampions”noshgirlparty-guiltytreat-9

From @OfficiallyErinD: “This weekend’s guilty pleasure: homemade funfetti and with chocolate silk frosting #NoshGirlParty”


And my guilty treats throughout that weekend:

Strawberry “cheese pie” from Junior’s.


Hazelnut and salted caramel gelato from GROM.ย  The scoop guy said whipped cream was free that day so of course I had to add it:


Bottle milk tea and toast with condensed milk/butter, from Cha Chan Tang:


Ginormous croissant with Nutella at Ten Degrees Bistro:


And froyo from Pinkberry!ย  Although it doesn’t look as guilt-inducing as my eating buddy’s selection ๐Ÿ™‚

noshgirlparty-guiltytreat-10Thank you to all who attended this latest Nosh Girl Party – it was so fun to see your photos on Instagram, Twitter and Facebook!ย  Hope to see all of you (and more) and the next party! ๐Ÿ™‚

What’s your favorite guilty treat?

Fun Fact Friday

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Happy Friday, Noshers :).ย  I am so glad that it is finally the weekend – so glad!ย  Plans include catching up on sleep, dog sitting, seeing Spock crush Zach Quinto in The Glass Menagerie, meals with friends, and of course hosting my NoshGirl: Guilty Snack virtual party – will you be attending??

Oatmeals-3Photo of Salted Caramel Apple Oats from my Oatmeals review

January is National Oatmeal Month

Check out my past posts featuring this healthy food!

Happy Friday – see you this weekend at the paaaarty!

NoshGirl Party NOW: Guilty Treat!

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NoshGirl-Party-6Kimberly Michelle (@kim_michelle)’s photo from the Late Night Snack Party

Itโ€™s almost FRIIIDAY! Phew!ย  The long weekendโ€™s coming up, I’m anticipating I don’t have to work (fingers crossed), and best of all –ย  time for a NoshGirl Party!

At previous parties, we devoured:

I canโ€™t wait to see what you do with this monthโ€™s buzzfood – guilty treat

Hereโ€™s how to attend!

1. From now through Monday night, eat the buzzfood and snap a photo of it.

2. Post the photo on Facebook/twitter/instagram with the hashtag #NoshGirlParty

3. Send the following to by Tuesday 7am EDT

  • Your first name (plus blog url/twitter/insagram handle if you have them!)
  • Your photo of the buzzfood
  • Your location
  • Optional: any description you may have

Next week Iโ€™ll consolidate all the photos into a re-cap poststravaganza!ย  Iโ€™m so excited to see what you come up with ๐Ÿ™‚

Whatโ€™s your favorite guilty treat?


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Happy Friday, Noshers!ย 


Yummy Cinnamon Rolls via fellow Nosher The Nifty Foodie, during the Noshgirl Party: Weekend Breakfast!

We did it! We survived the bitter cold.ย  I spoke to several people across the country, and it seems like the temperatures plummeted all over the place.ย  Although I must admit that when I hear of someone living in an area where the regular temperature is in the 80s, and it dropped down to the low 70s, I can’t say I feel much sympathy ๐Ÿ˜‰

Today’s Fun Fact is more of a question – a fellow Nosher asked when the next NoshGirl (virtual) party was happening.ย  For those of you who haven’t attended a NoshGirl party before, I encourage you to attend!ย  Check out this page for the previous parties I’ve hosted.ย  Basically, a few days before the party weekend, I post a the secret party food – previous foods have included frozen yorgurt, late night snacks, weekend breakfast, etc.ย  Then all of us Noshersย participate in the party by eating the secret party food and snapping a photo of it and posting/sending me a photo!ย  I will then compile all the photos and post them (with a link to you of course) so we can see what all the party Noshers ate – it’s so fun to see submissions from as far as Vietnam and Germany!

I’m super excited to launch this again – so my Fun Question to you is –

Would you like to attend a NoshGirl party? If so, what food would you like to see as the “secret party food”?

I’ll also be posting this on twitter/FB/Instagram – can’t wait to see what you all think!

Happy weekend!

NoshGirl Party: Winter Treat!

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Happy Monday โ€“ hope you had a wonderful weekend!ย  I know at least a few of you had some scrumptious winter treats โ€“ after all, this was the fourth NoshGirl Party buzzfood! A big thank you to all who participated! This month’s party was a bit scant in participation – will I see more guests next month?


SF Bay Area
“piping hot, slow-cooked, steel-cut oatmeal!”