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I had first eaten at Celeste years ago, and then promptly forgot its name (I knew the name of the restaurant was a woman’s name, and I kept thinking “Was it Gina? Adrienne’s? Stella?” – all names of *other* restaurants).  So for years, Celeste was in my memory as “That Italian restaurant on the Upper West Side with good Italian food and a woman’s name that only takes cash.”  I fortunately found my way back to Celeste recently, and it was as good as I remembered. Continue Reading

Kansas City: Affäre (German)

Eating Out


Yessssss – there’s no better way to kick off a Friday than a big ol’ board of deli meats and cheese, am I right??  In my book, that’s a pretty big win.  Today, I’m happy to share with you my dining experience at Affäre, a modern German restaurant I visited last week.  I must admit, my exposure to German cuisine is relatively limited – I visited Munich about ten years ago and had all the “beginner” types of food – pretzels (mmmm), bratwurst, and spätzle, and I confirmed that I don’t like sauerkraut. I also thought I was a fan of German desserts (and I might be) because I loooove German chocolate cake – but it turns out it’s not German in nature. Oops.  ANYWAY, when I heard of a modern German restaurant right here in KC, I knew I had to give Affäre a try. Affäre focuses on local, farm-to-table fare with a menu that changes seasonally depending on what’s fresh.  We had quite a few delicious options to choose from: Continue Reading

Scrumptious Singapore: Dimsum

Eating Out


“What are THESE guys??” I uttered as these morsels strangely reminiscent of mini haystacks was placed before me.  No, I wasn’t anywhere unusual –  just a dimsum restaurant in Singapore.  I know my dimsum, so it was a pleasant surprise to see how this meal was done differently halfway across the world.  (Oh, and those are taro fritters, covered in noodles and deep-fried.  You guessed correctly, right? I thought so).

While some of the dishes were old hat, other dimsum selections were quite unique:

Continue Reading