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The Aloha Spirit

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I absolutely love living in NYC, but when the city wears me down I fantasize about moving to Hawaii :). I’ve visited no less than six times and am always looking for an excuse to make a return trip. Each time I visit I fall in love with the beautiful island state a little more. My life is established here on the East Coast, but if somehow things worked out where I had to make a cross-country, cross-ocean move, I would jump at the opportunity.

One of my favorite indulgences when in Hawaii is shave ice (yes, that’s “shave” with no -d) – super fine ice with syrup flavors that are chilled to prevent the dreaded “chunking.” I usually get mango, lilikoi (passion fruit) and guava flavors and add macadamia nut ice cream, sweet adzuki beans if available, and a snow cap (condensed milk) for good measure. When it comes to shave ice, more is more 😉. I usually get shave *at least* every other day when in Hawaii – if not every day. There are a few shave ice places here in NYC, but they aren’t Hawaiian-style, so I’m still on the look-out. This particular one was from Wishing Well Shave Ice in Kauai, and it was oh so good.  Until I return, a girl can dream…

Have you had shave ice before?