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Fortnum & Mason now at Williams-Sonoma!

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williams-sonoma-fortnums-1Happy Friday, Noshers!  Today I’m SUPER excited to share that Williams-Sonoma now sells Fortnum & Mason teas and goodies! I had stocked up on Fortnum & Mason teas, preserves, puddings, and sweets when I was in London – they are seriously amazing. Now I don’t have to ration my stash – I can get them at my local W-S. And you can too! If you’are an Anglophile when it comes to food, definitely check out their stuff.

Have a wonderful Memorial Day weekend!

Tea Party with Uncommon Goods!

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Oh happy day, Noshers!  How have your days been lately? The weather here in KC has been gorgeous lately – up to the high-70s recently, and I’ve certainly been taking advantage of that!  Today, I’m happy to share my experiences with some amaaazing tea products I sampled from UncommonGoods. Yum!  I’m a huge tea aficionado, so when I learned of this opportunity, I was super excited :). Continue Reading

Tea Cupping with Hugo Tea

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Full confession – I have a bit of a tea obsession.  It started with the super sweet milk tea that accompanied dim sum excursions growing up, followed with myriad bubble tea variations, unsweetened iced teas as a substitute for soda, and the pleasant ritual of traditional afternoon tea.  I now have a cup of tea at least once a day – starting with a morning black tea, followed with an afternoon cup, and sometimes finished with a dessert or herbal tea in the evening. I always favor unsweetened these days.  I appreciate a good cup of coffee, but for me, tea’s where it’s at. Continue Reading

Tea Time

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My love affair with tea was not sudden and intense.  When I was a kid, I thought it was the ultimate beverage tease – it smells delicious, tastes like…water?  Since then I guess my palate has refined a bit, as I now thoroughly appreciate the subtle depth and hints of flavor that a well-brewed cup or pot of tea offers.  I make myself a cup to start my workday, and often wind down at night with an herbal blend.  I drink my tea plain, with no cream, sugar or lemon to distract me.   During the summer months, I would often brew a big pot and chill it in the fridge for some super strong iced tea. I will always loooove coffee, but tea is something I have at least once a day.

My current stash is sourced from several places, including my Fortnum & Mason purchase during a trip to London, some delicious blends from Fauchon, a hibiscus tea from The Republic of Tea, and some wonderfully fragrant loose leaves from Palais des Thés.  I’m always looking for new additions to my collection though – any suggestions?

Are you a tea fan? What are your favorite types of tea?