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Some of the states encountered on the loooong drive

Hello, Noshers!  Long time no write!  I wanted to share a little “life update” – Big Apple Nosh is checking in live from….Kansas City!  Yup, I’ve recently made a little one-way road trip from the East Coast metropolis where I started this lil’ ole’ blog to the sprawling Midwest.  (Those of you who follow me on Instagram might have noticed a few more location tags that are very much not NYC).  While I’m still getting my bearings on all the fun, food, and restaurants (hellloooooo BBQ!) in my new locale, I’ve finally settled in enough where I’ll start blogging a little more regularly from now on.  So hang onto your hats, Noshers – let’s see where this new adventure takes us!

But first, for those in the know – what are some “must try” places in KC I should check out??