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Recipe: Watermelon Gazpacho

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Back when it was the warmer days of yore (aka summer), we received an orange watermelon in our local CSA.  Coming swift on the heels of the previous CSA, which had a traditional red watermelon, this orange watermelon was a welcome but overwhelming addition to the fridge.  After diligently but doggedly consuming half of the watermelon, I was still faced with the daunting portion of this juicy fruit that remained. My Zoku Molds still held yet-to-be-consumed popsicles so I couldn’t make watermelon pops (I know, poor me). That’s when I thought of a recent menu special I saw – watermelon gazpacho. While gazpacho traditionally has a tomato base, who says one can’t experiment a bit?  Some green and orange heirloom tomatoes were also in that week’s CSA, so I threw those in as well.  The result was satisfyingly refreshing.

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Event: Ramp Fest 2015 – This Weekend! (Saturday, May 2nd)

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ramp-fest-9Delicious goodness from last year’s Ramp Fest

Happy Tuesday, Noshers!  While the weather here in NYC is still playing games with my heart, I’m very much looking forward to one of my favorite seasonal farmer’s market buys – the delicate but flavorful ramp.  So, I’m extremely excited to share with you the details of Ramp Fest 2015!  I’m super sad that I won’t be able to attend this year since I’ll be out of town – however, I really hope one of you Noshers will attend and let me know ALL about it.  I’m had previously attended Ramp Fest 2014 and Ramp Fest 2013 (see my picture-heavy recaps here and here) and it was absolutely mouth-watering!!

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Holiday GIVEAWAY: Paderno 4-BLADE Spiralizer!

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Happy Holidays, Noshers!  The past few weeks (and upcoming weeks) have been full of parties, eating, getting-together, and of course general merriment.  What’s on your holiday bakelist? OR more importantly, your holiday eatlist??

Today I’m super excited to be giveaway one of my FAVORITE products from the past year – the Paderno World Cuisine Spiralizer!  If you follow along on the BAN blog, you’ll know that this little device has changed my life.  The Spiralizer has resulted in my eating a lot more vegetables (as a former avowed veggie-averse foodie, this is huge) in the form of “zoodles”, or zucchini noodles.  I’ve also used the Spiralizer to make apple chips, baked potato chips, curly fries and much more. It’s like a Playdoh toy for adults, except the finished product is much more delicious.

But don’t take MY word for it – try it for yourself!  Thanks to the lovely folks at Paderno, I am giving away TWO of the newest Spiralizer model – the four-blade version!  The four-blade Spiralizer was just released in September, and features the newest blade that makes angel hair, yum!

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Recipe: Zucchini Noodles with Avocado Cream Sauce

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I’ve gone ahead and done it, Noshers – I’ve jumped on the zoodle bandwagon! For the previously uninitiated like myself, “zoodles,” or zucchini noodles are the new hot thing (apparently).  I’ve heard zoodles are pretty popular amongst the Paleo set.  While I’m not a follower of the paleo diet (I like carbs and dairy too much!), I am always looking for ways to increase my veggie intake.  I justified that my new zoodle maker, the Paderno Tri-Blade Spiral Slicer, fell within my rule of “no more kitchen appliances that do just one thing” because thus far I’ve not only made zoodles but ALSO apple chips. So, win.

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Recipe: Berry Bite Smoothie!

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berry-bite-smoothie-2 Okay, I admit this looks a little scary, but it tastes delicious!

Happy Tuesday, Noshers!

Today I’m excited to share my latest collaboration with Williams-Sonoma – I’m participating in Williams-Sonoma Juice Week! I looove Williams-Sonoma (if you follow me on instagram, you’ll know I did some impromptu Christmas shopping at W-S last weekend!).  Additionally, my latest go-to breakfasts have been smoothies and juices, so this was definitely of interest to me.  I make these recipes the morning of, so by necessity they are quick and easy.  I’m not a morning person, so trust me – if I can do it, you can do it 🙂

This week‘s theme is “Juices That Bite Back,” and my default juice recipe definitely falls into that category. The “default” part of my recipe is kale, chia seeds, coconut water, and…..cayenne pepper!  Yup, you heard that correctly.  I always appreciate a bit of kick in my food, and cayenne pepper is supposed to give your metabolism a bit of a temporary boost (I don’t know if this is true or not, haha, but I’m standing by it).  To this, I add whatever fruit I want – today I added mixed berries.  The finished result – a berry bite smoothie, yum!

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