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Recipe: Quinoa Tabbouleh

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Happy Thursday, Noshers! How is your week going? It has been pretty busy at work, so the week is flying by for me! Today, I’m excited to share my first experience making quinoa.

In recent years, quinoa has gotten quite the buzz for its health properties, and as a complete protein.  All I know is that I love it!  You can use it as a base for all types of dishes, and it just absorbs and takes on the flavor of any add-in. Continue Reading

Recipe: Zucchini Noodles with Avocado Cream Sauce

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I’ve gone ahead and done it, Noshers – I’ve jumped on the zoodle bandwagon! For the previously uninitiated like myself, “zoodles,” or zucchini noodles are the new hot thing (apparently).  I’ve heard zoodles are pretty popular amongst the Paleo set.  While I’m not a follower of the paleo diet (I like carbs and dairy too much!), I am always looking for ways to increase my veggie intake.  I justified that my new zoodle maker, the Paderno Tri-Blade Spiral Slicer, fell within my rule of “no more kitchen appliances that do just one thing” because thus far I’ve not only made zoodles but ALSO apple chips. So, win.

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Recipe: Berry Bite Smoothie!

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berry-bite-smoothie-2 Okay, I admit this looks a little scary, but it tastes delicious!

Happy Tuesday, Noshers!

Today I’m excited to share my latest collaboration with Williams-Sonoma – I’m participating in Williams-Sonoma Juice Week! I looove Williams-Sonoma (if you follow me on instagram, you’ll know I did some impromptu Christmas shopping at W-S last weekend!).  Additionally, my latest go-to breakfasts have been smoothies and juices, so this was definitely of interest to me.  I make these recipes the morning of, so by necessity they are quick and easy.  I’m not a morning person, so trust me – if I can do it, you can do it 🙂

This week‘s theme is “Juices That Bite Back,” and my default juice recipe definitely falls into that category. The “default” part of my recipe is kale, chia seeds, coconut water, and…..cayenne pepper!  Yup, you heard that correctly.  I always appreciate a bit of kick in my food, and cayenne pepper is supposed to give your metabolism a bit of a temporary boost (I don’t know if this is true or not, haha, but I’m standing by it).  To this, I add whatever fruit I want – today I added mixed berries.  The finished result – a berry bite smoothie, yum!

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Recipe: Zucchini Rounds

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Happy hump day, Noshers!  This is totally unrelated to anything on this blog, but have any of you seen the GEICO commercial featuring the camel?  That commercial never fails to crack me up! Every single time! Aaaaannyway….

Last week I shared a scrumpdiliumptious recipe for sauteed mushrooms from Anna Boiardi’s cookbook Delicious Memories.  For some reason I find myself gravitating towards the veggie recipes (the book has tons of yummy-looking pasta recipes and I’m trying the veggie ones first? Who AM I??), and the next one I wanted to try was one for zucchini.  Zucchini and summer squash is abundant at my local farmer’s market these days, so this was the perfect recipe to try next!  If you like zucchini, you’ll like this one 🙂

The recipe from the book (listed below) makes four servings of a veggie side dish.  However, I was eating a whole bunch of it as a main meal, so I cut the recipe in half when I tried it.

You will need:

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Recipe: Sauteed Mushrooms with Garlic and Parsley

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Helloooo, Noshers!  Long time no chat! Did you miss me?  I sure missed all of you!  I was taking some much-needed r&r with the family, but now I’m back and super excited to break my self-imposed hiatus with this scrumptious recipe for garlicky mushrooms. Yum!

Now call me naive, but I never knew how polarizing mushrooms could be… Continue Reading