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Kansas City: Vietnam Cafe (Vietnamese)

Eating Out


One of the things I miss about NYC (specifically, downtown NYC) is good cheap pho.  I’m talking about the authentic, non-frills stuff.  Don’t get me wrong – I’ve lived on the Upper West Side, and there’s not really pho there that isn’t fancy/trendy/overpriced.  But access to phantistic pho (ha ha) was always just a subway ride away.  I was concerned I wouldn’t find the equivalent here in KC – luckily, Vietnam Cafe proved me wrong!  Definitely no frills but delicious, I’ve visited this place several times already. Yum!

The staff at Vietnam Cafe is friendly, quick, and I even got some good-natured ribbing when I ordered an iced Vietnamese Coffee at 7:30pm: Continue Reading

Vietnamese: Nha Trang

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One perk of living in downtown NYC is ready access to cheap and good pho.  For the uninitiated, pho is Vietnamese noodle soup, with rice noodles, mint, basil, beansprouts and usually beef.  I usually head to what I refer to as “Pho Row” – a stretch of 5-6 Vietnamese restaurants on the outskirts of Chinatown.  Here,  a big bowl of steamy, hearty pho will keep your belly full for about $5 – not too shabby!  On a recent chilly night, I visited one of my faves of the “row” – Nha Trang.

Of course at that bargain price, utensils and napkins are strictly self-serve only, as you can see here: Continue Reading

Fusion: má pêche

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I was first introduced to the world of David Chang when I dined at momofuku noodle bar in 2006. Other restaurants under the momofuku name (ssam bar, ko, milk bar) have gathered a bit of a cult following.  I knew I had to check out má pêche (which means “mother peach”), the only restaurant of the family located outside the East Village, which opened last year.   Was the schlep uptown (okay, it’s midtown, but it’s uptown to me!) worth it?

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Vietnamese: Mangez Avec Moi – Express

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Mangez Avec Moi Express is a small, carry-out establishment neighboring it’s main sit-down restaurant.  Specializing in Vietnamese bahn mi, I recently grabbed a sandwich for dinner on the way home from work.   How did it turn out?

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