SuperBowl Eats – What Will You Be Making?

February 05, 2016 By: Serena

Note: Only 2 days left to enter my Le Creuset Valentine’s Day giveaway! What are you waiting for? :)


Who doesn’t like a good bacon weave?

Happy FRIDAY, Noshers!  Wow.  Are you guys excited for the Super Bowl?  I admit I’m not the biggest sports person (those that know me would say that’s a HUGE understatement), but if there’s anything I like it’s the excuse to make tons of food.  All right, we’re having a teeny tiny party (read – 2 people, 1 dog) but making way too much food runs in my family – just ask my Mom.  I figure if there’s once a year when I can make lots of food that I would normally never make, it would be the once a year (more or less) I watch football….right?

In the past few years, I’ve really been trying to eat healthier – shopping around the perimeter of the grocery store versus buying more processed foods, and my edited grocery shopping habits have made me feel a lot better! Don’t get me wrong – I like a good fancy cheese and charcuturie plate as much as the next person, but overall I’ve gotten used to the idea of eating more whole, fresh foods.  So, this weekend is a bit of a departure in that a lot of these dishes I’m trying out aren’t exactly “perimeter ingredient” recipes (and full disclosure – I usually don’t make football-shaped foods), but no time like this weekend to try them, right?  Soooo without further ado – I’ll be attempting these recipes this weekend: Continue reading »

Le Creuset Valentine’s Day GIVEAWAY!

February 02, 2016 By: Serena

Happy Tuesday, Noshers!  Today, I’m super excited to share an early Valentine’s Day post and spread some Valentine’s Day cheer with a few recipes and a GIVEAWAY!  This year, I’m partnering with Le Creuset to highlight a few of their adorably drool-worthy Valentine’s Day offerings – such as the petite heart cocotte and the slightly larger heart cocotteI looooove my two Le Creuset Dutch ovens and a heart-shaped addition is just out of this world! I mean, just look at this: Continue reading »

Tea Cupping with Hugo Tea

February 01, 2016 By: Serena


Full confession – I have a bit of a tea obsession.  It started with the super sweet milk tea that accompanied dim sum excursions growing up, followed with myriad bubble tea variations, unsweetened iced teas as a substitute for soda, and the pleasant ritual of traditional afternoon tea.  I now have a cup of tea at least once a day – starting with a morning black tea, followed with an afternoon cup, and sometimes finished with a dessert or herbal tea in the evening. I always favor unsweetened these days.  I appreciate a good cup of coffee, but for me, tea’s where it’s at. Continue reading »

Kansas City Restaurant Week: Grand Street Cafe

January 26, 2016 By: Serena


Hello, Noshers!  Today, I continue my foray into KC Restaurant Week with some photos from my dinner at Grand Street Cafe last week.  Incongruously tucked away into a generic mid-rise office building (seriously, it’s bizarre), Grand Street Cafe offers an extensive American menu.  We started off with what seems to be pretty popular these days – bread with a bean/chick pea dip in place of butter: Continue reading »

Kansas City Restaurant Week: Tavern at Mission Farms

January 25, 2016 By: Serena

tavern-at-mission-farms (4 of 7)

Last week was restaurant week here in Kansas City, and boy did I take advantage of that! With 3-course dinners priced at $33 and lunches priced at $15 (and with proceeds of restaurant week going to charity!), this was a pretty good deal.  We visited four restaurants and partook in the restaurant week menu for three of them – the fourth restaurant had a ribeye off the RW menu, and well… I can’t resist a good ribeye.  I’ll be posting a few of my favorite restaurant week dishes here on the lil’ ole’ blog for your reading and viewing pleasure.

The first restaurant we visited was Tavern at Mission Farms, serving classic American fare in a modern setting.: Continue reading »

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