Growing up in New Jersey, diners were the go-to hangout place when I was growing up.  There were 4 diners in my hometown alone! I recently stopped by Jerry’s Cafe – a traditional diner in NYC.  The menu and decor did stir some nostalgia, but how did the food fare?

The first thing I encountered was the zebra-print menu. Me likey:

The zebra print extended past the printed goods – note the wall decor as well!  I think it complemented the red booths perfectly, don’t you? 

I went with the old diner standard – a cheeseburger and fries (first photo).  The fries were delightedly shoestring – yay! And crispy and served piping hot.  I put those away pronto.  The burger was okay-ish – nothing to write home about (or blog about), but good enough.

While I don’t think I’ll return to Jerry’s, if you find yourself with a hankerin’ for some old-school diner ambiance, it is a perfectly good option with passable food.

A typical diner.

Jerry’s Cafe

90 Chambers St. (btw Church/Broadway)


Did you grow up in a diner town? What’s your favorite diner food?